By rufusthepenis - 02/10/2011 22:57 - United Kingdom

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting frisky. She got my cock out, stopped, and told me it looked like "Rufus the naked mole rat." She spent the next 20 minutes showing me pictures, describing in detail why they looked similar, and laughing. FML
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Atleast Rufus isn't exactly small haha

Your life sucks.. Mainly because your penis looks like a naked mole rat. Hahaha


Your life sucks.. Mainly because your penis looks like a naked mole rat. Hahaha

Her ****** probably looks like Harry the Hairy Hog.

So, I guess if you're fapping, it would look like animal abuse?

My boyfriends looks like one too, when it's small and flaccid. Twice the size when erect tho so it's ok to have a giggle about it. OP don't be so insecure about your package, it's not the be-all and end-all.

Arnt naked mole rats known for "tunneling"? Don't mess with nature, I suppose...

12- PETA has already tried to rescue Rufus on several occasions. Each time, Rufus would quickly burrow back into OP's jeans before they could salvage him.

Have Rufus tunnel into her ass before making her deep throat Rufus.

I'm surprised at the amount of people who know Kim possible on this post I expected a few "who's Rufus"

Why did he have a male chicken in his pants? Pols some one explain!

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Rooster =/= Rufus Yes, I'm a Kim Possible fan.

So, does it look like a naked mole rat? I mean, she showed you a bunch of pictures after she said that, so you've gotta know if she was right or not. Inquiring minds want to know!

rufus kinda looks like a penis so ur clear his teeth looks like **** drippin out

Atleast Rufus isn't exactly small haha

If she laughs at your penis , she's too young for you bro .

Would you rather have a bf with a smaller but normal dick, or a bf with a bigger ugly misshapen one?

you should of said "all the better too nibble on your pussy with" lmfao!!!!!!

At least she didn't say that it looked like an inch worm.

Omgitsaireyonna 6

Has that happened to you before?):

Only when I lived in Antarctica. "I swear it's shrinkage!"

Shrinkage is no laughing matter. It happens to even the biggest of us, leaving us looking 'average'.

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Slap her across the face with your mole rat.

As you can see here, Rufus has a very shrivelled back, like your dick, and Rufus has a small tail, like your dick.

His dick has a tail? I'd be curious to see what that looks like.

I'm thinking rounded head, pink and hairless. Not really bad traits if you ask me. Oh and the girls already mentioned size.(:

RedPillSucks 31

Erm... Rufus has giant front teeth, like your dick???? I think she now has reason to be concerned.

That's why you only ever go balls deep!

Tell her Rufus is excited and wants to make a home inside of her.

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Well that 20min you won't get back again :/

perdix 29

That sounds so boring that I would have gone from Rufus the Mighty Purple Naked Mole Rat With Throbbing Veins of Pleasure to Rufus the Sad Mushroom in a Lump of Soggy Oatmeal. I haven't heard about such a mood-killer since I was ******* this girl and, right in the middle of it, she starts trying to sell me Amway products.