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Today, as my girlfriend and I were making out, I slowly took my clothes off and revealed my body to her for the first time. She looked, smiled, and said reassuringly, "Aww, don't worry. I know how it's supposed to look." FML
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Very curious to see what "it's supposed to look like"..

Psych101 9

At least she was nice about it. If she had just left, she wouldn't have been worth your time.


Psych101 9

At least she was nice about it. If she had just left, she wouldn't have been worth your time.

If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all

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Unless it's hilarious. Then you can go for it.

Psych101 9

20- That's why I said "at least." I don't think she should have said anything, but her response was a lot better than it would have been if she had left him. "That is NOT what it is supposed to look like. I can't deal with this. We're through."

It's alright Op it happens to the best of us...

61 - I can honestly say I've never had to say nor receive that comment before. I don't really think this has "happened to the best of us", hence it being on FML.

That's very conceited of you, 75. If it hasn't happened to you, then it doesn't happen to the best of us?

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20- It's great that your picture is Pedobear and you're quoting Thumper from Bambi, a Disney movie.

I think #1 is right - this is the start of something beautiful :D

75 - that would be because you aren't the best of us.

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79/105 - she wasn't saying she was the best. She was merely referencing someone else's quote meaning that it doesn't happen to everyone. Pay attention to the punctuation.

Actually, 114, I don't think you got what they meant. I am quite certain they were not talking about her being the best or whatsoever. Pay attention to the content.

Why can't people realize that we all can't look absolutely perfect? There's nothing wrong with being different, it defines who we are.

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At least she didnt walk out or throw up :/

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Not after "Finding a Friend for the End of the World" he isn't.

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Are you ******* kidding me! Steve Carrell is the most gorgeous creature on earth! He's a magical nymph who sways with the grace of a delicate swan on a moonlit pond. His face is that of an overgrown baby angel.

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Very curious to see what "it's supposed to look like"..

Well she could've just laughed and walked out.

We're probably supposed to look like those abnormally perfect Photoshopped people on the covers of magazines. Maybe that's the way she thinks...

Judging by the use of "it" and the ambiguity, it's probably about his penis. My best guess would be that it has something to do with circumcision, or rather a lack thereof. I've heard that American girls sometimes react strangely to seeing uncircumsised dudes.

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Most American men are circumcised, I think. One of my friends from high school was not, however. I mean, I never saw it. That's just what I was told. :-/ Either way, I remain objective and unbiased. Some say its better with the skin, some say its better without... Me personally.. Never seen a natural man's pig in a blanket, lol. (I heard a story about one that looked like a pig in a blanket ha. Ew.)

Don't mind her, but if it bothers both of you, work out together.

Read OP's username. I really don't think his body bothers him that much because it seems like he is quite content with his appearance.

Ye wellshite your absolutly right because if you dont know what OP meant then you are not old enough for an FML account

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If 83 didn't make sense your too young for fml. Lmao

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What does Wellshite's comment have to do with knowing what OP stands for?

112- His what is too young for FML? Sorry, couldn't resist.

stand up and say, "my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard" then get your friends to start dancing in your front yard and then, start doing the shimmy.

Wouldn't help at all - but was ******* funny!

59--what a thought-invoking comment. I think I'll be wondering on that one for a long time..

59--what a thought-invoking comment. I think I'll be wondering on that one for a long time..

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Herp- you've got a great mind. Im sorry you're under appreciated by the FML community. If I could take it all away I would.

100- thanks for the support, it means a lot :)

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Wow! Sometimes I do that for my older sister

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What did you do with your sister?? :))

There are some things we keep to ourselves...

My mind... it has been corrupted by these thoughts.

You tell her you know what her naked body is supposed to look like?

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SHE makes out with her sister!?

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SHUTUP Garrus and go back to calibrating!!

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the answer to your name: she thinks it's too small

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What the hell does that even mean? At least she didn't say "awww it's not that small" that would have sucked.

I think she was referring to his physique rather than his penis size.

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I know this isn't relevant to the fml but..OLD GREG! God damn I haven't watched that video in years.

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Hey, there's nothing wrong with the natural shape of people's bodies. It's who you are, personality wise, that counts.

Is your girlfriend Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way?

shift_love 13

Wtf is an ebony dark'ness dementia raven way? And no I will not google it.

21 - Not an option, Bing would just give him search results not even mildly related.

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Oh my god that failure of a fanfic...

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Everytime I see Bing I just think of Chandler from FRIENDS...and Janice..oh lord.