By lmaoLOSER - United States
Today, I got a perfect score on my French quiz, and I was told to have my mom sign it. What I didn't realize was that all the way at the bottom she wrote "Good Nathaly!" and "I love you!" surrounded by little hearts. The teacher hung it up anyway. FML
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  LiveThenDie  |  2

Sorry #1 but I must disagree. Op, your mom wrote that that she loved you on a piece of paper others can now see... so? Do you not want others to know your mom is proud of you and loves you? Do you not realize how lucky you are to have a parent that tells you that they love you? I know many kids who are thrilled if one of their parents speaks to them in a non-negative way. Op just be happy your mom loves you. And if you're that embarassed, scribble the note out or ask your teacher to take it down.

  z620  |  0

Nathaly? well there's the first problem. if you like the name thats ok but I think it's wrong to give your kid a really uncommon namethey will be made fun of. my little cousins name is giddian it tortures him he wants to change it.

  alienc  |  0

Never be ashamed of the affection and love of your family and friends and even strangers, in the end it's all we really have to hold on to. This is a reminder not only to others but to myself. RIP Mum.


57- I never said she was ugly. At all. The accesories are just so much and so overdone, of which I found comical. But thank you for drawing conclusions, and therefore insulting me.

  5t3ff1k4h  |  44

I agree, the accessories are way too overdone. She may have done that on purpose, though. She is pretty, and guys, there's no reason to be insulting anyone. Sheesh.


I hate when smart kids are called nerds. nerds dress gay, and act nerdy. just because you get good grades doesn't mean you're a nerd. it means you're smart and going somewhere in life.

  Spastastic  |  6

"Nerds dress gay and act nerdy"? Really? Acting nerdy just seems an obvious characteristic of being a nerd, and I'm not even sure what you mean by "dress gay". Nerd is not a proper insult -- there's nothing wrong with being one/acting like one.

Hey Katie, I got here first!