Peacocking PUA syndrome

By hardtoignore - 03/10/2011 01:34 - United States

Today, after reading about seduction techniques, I wore shades and a brightly colored shirt to a club to attract female attention. However, the sunglasses rendered me almost blind, and I tripped over a step, crashed into tables, and thanks to the shirt, everyone saw it happen in glorious technicolor. FML
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perdix 29

Which is why you don't. . . *lowers sunglasses* Crash, thud, thud, "watch out, asshole!," Ouch, oof, tinkle, moan, gasp. wear your sunglasses at night.


At first, I thought it said, "while reading about abduction techniques."

Well, I guess you'll have more luck next fall. Get it? Fall, Autumn? No?

This is why I don't watch Jersey Shore. :/

Exactly whose seduction techniques where these? The Todd's?

Did anybody else read this as "Today, I thought I was a bird, so I put on some really bright colors and went out in search of a mate. When I tried to fly, I came crashing down back to reality. FML"? Just me? Ok, I'll go back to my corner now.

btnhdude 0

Thumbing your comment up, Is like giving yourself a high five.

I don't see what people find so great about clubs they're dark crowded They play bad (in my opinion) music really loud And dumb shit like this happens

mr_torch91 1

Sounds like you read a book on how to be a douche.

swimchica22 0

74- thumbing your comment down is like giving you a kick in the balls.

the things guys do for attention.. smh,

Wearing sunglasses inside? Who does that?

109 Whoever wrote that "seduction for dummys" book apparently :)

you know who wares shades inside clubs? people on drugs.

Congratulations, you've won the annual award for douchebaggery of the highest degree.

WARNING: Wearing Dark Shades in a Night Club Gives You the False Impression of Being Cool

You should've just been yourself. Would've worked realistically.

Who the **** told you to wear shades indoors? Sounds to me like you are retarded ;/

perdix 29

Which is why Cory Hart was only a one-hit wonder and is much more successful playing baseball for the Milwaukee Brewers.

Zing! Fellow Wisconsinite, let's go Crew!

He plays baseball?.. I need to get with the times.. *goes back to wearing his sunglasses at night*

Hey! Look at that sexy beast! *trip* Oh...

frozenshake 5
cbdee 8

His shirt was... Well technicolor!!!

Aaand, did you not try on the glasses before you bought them to check for vision ability?

baby610 4

I'm sure op did check, but he was in a club where it's much darker.

Geneside 8

Dont belive everything you read xD

nick347b 6

That's a shady seduction technique.

fthislyfe 22

If those techniques actually worked, no one had to worry about anything in life.

That's what happens when you get seduction techniques off a website with a option for braille.