By sn-511 - 01/03/2013 22:54 - Italy - Naples

Today, I was making out with my girlfriend, and after a while, she moved her hand down to my crotch. She felt my erection, then got up and yelled at me, calling me a horny pig for "assuming we were going to have sex." FML
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yet she is the one who put her hand down your crotch...

HandaPitler 1

Women, usually assuming we want to have sex just because we have a boner. i feel your pain op. my ex was the exact same way


FYL man, dump her because she's totally not worth it. And first!

HandaPitler 1

Women, usually assuming we want to have sex just because we have a boner. i feel your pain op. my ex was the exact same way

The spontaneous boner...sometimes a mystery to us girls, always embarrassing for you boys.

kryxen 14

Spontaneous?!? They were making out! Of course he got a boner. If a guy doesn't get a boner from making out with you, that's when you should be pissed!

guckylynn 19

Some women clearly have no idea how the body works. Most (hopefully) know that you're not assuming sex is going to happen every time you become erect.

MrBrightside21 20

I try to avoid any woman as much as possible because I know it leads to an unwanted boner. It's all fun and games 'til your step sister bends over at your 4 year old's cousin's birthday party.

Don't fool yourself. If the OP didn't have an erection she'd then be offended that he wasn't turned on by her. Go figure!

You're not, but your body is. Totally different things. Sure, sex would be great after making out, but having an erection doesn't mean we assume it's going to happen. The body is just responding to stimuli.

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There are plenty of women who don't think that you just want sex because of an erection from making out.. It would also be something wrong if she didn't get turned on by making out.

WrongRomance 11

What an ignorant girlfriend you have XD She isn't very understanding, either.

Corrupt_waffles 13

44- Personally (oh no, too much information time) it always makes me have butterflies when I notice my boyfriend get hard when we make out. I take it as a flattery that all I have to do is kiss him. It makes me feel powerful. I think if OP's girlfriend is too immature to handle what physical stimulus does to men then she shouldn't be dating.

80, you're right on point. It's s lose-lose situation for the boyfriend because his girlfriend seems such as a person who would easily flip out. Good luck, OP!

r_bruce69 19

132, he's in a relationship with a woman. His life is a lose-lose situation. Nah but really, she's pretty dumb. I couldn't tolerate that.

Wow she's a complete moron so you're better off dumping her stupid ass anyway. Does she seriously think that a man getting an erection necessarily means he intends on having full out sex? Besides, why the hell was she feeling down there if she was going to get mad if he had one? Even if she just wanted to fool around a woman doesn't feel down there if she doesn't want the guy to get hard.

#130- I was just referring to how they sometimes happen without cause, especially to teenage boys sitting in class. Also, there's no such thing as too much information on the internet. Harley gets turned on just by looking at me. He can't touch me without getting one, so cuddling is hard^2...that's an FML right there for you.

Wanting sex with your gf is something negative? Good luck op.

Certainly feels like things are taking a turn for the worse. Apparently, sex is taboo to some couples (which it shouldn't be, but that's just me). And to top it all off, it's *completely* her doing. She should start to worry when he's getting erections from other women.

GoodLookingGeese 10

I think she should have been upset if he DIDN'T have a hard on! She should be happy that she arouses him that much just by making out with him. I also have a feeling that OP and especially his girlfriend are pretty young. She must not know that those little guys have a mind of their own most of the time!

yet she is the one who put her hand down your crotch...

How dare you get an erection! Control yourself for gods sake.

After reading this fml, I was so confused, all I can think was "what? (Ó_ò)_/`.."

Bubbelz 25

"I feel your erection in my hand, you PERV!"

luckyd880 12

I'll bet if you didn't have one she would be equally as pissed "why aren't you turned on?!? are you not attracted to me?!?!" Women :) gotta love us!

Don't worry. Not all women are crazy.

not all women...just the ones mentioned in fmls

If you're gonna kick the tires, you better take it for a ride....

102 & 114 - All women are crazy... Just not that crazy.

Right that makes complete sense, not.

ReepingHavoc 13

I believe she's the one assuming.

WrongRomance 11

At least she isn't askin' all dem questions.

chlorinegreen 27

Maybe she should be asking questions

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That donut... Looks so good.

easyprey 8

That donut is giving me something that's hard to control... My appetite.

TheElBurrrito 21

Something was definitely hard.

challan 19

IP, I bet she would have been upset if you weren't sportin' wood. She would have yelled at you for not being attracted to her. Sometimes you just can't win.

OP is a male...of course he will "never win". Sorry to my fellow know it's true! One does not simply "win".

easyprey 8

I agree completely #61. Guys can never win an argument against a woman, we can only choose how it's lost... Now or after you look like an idiot for trying.

challan 19

That's not a true or fair statement. Some women you can never win with... Some men you can never win with. Its the person, not the sex. We are not all like that.

WrongRomance 11

I agree 78, not all women are hard to deal with. Some men are hard to deal with too, I've dated one XD Everything was my fault and he said he wasn't going to let me "push him around."

I like when my boyfriend has an erection. It's like a conformation that he is enjoying me as much as I am enjoying him. Your girlfriend is a little full of herself if she thinks every time a guy gets a boner he's planning on ******* her.

Ayeasha 7

30 it could be a typo, I and o are close together and I do that too, sometimes.

O di mean confirmation. I and O are tii clise tigether.

The girlfriend needs to learn that isn't within your control. She's got some growing up to do.