By HungryBird - Australia - Peakhurst
Today, it's my 18th birthday. As I moved out of home to study, and currently spend 95% of my wage on rent, I asked my mother for any amount of money as my gift. I desperately need new shoes and underwear, and haven't eaten for two days. Instead, I got a pair of earrings. FML
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  clairecurses  |  19

Here in Australia, unless the problem is paying for the course (fixed by using payment plans), the school's can't do much for money problems other than refer to Centrelink. Always check if you're entitled to any of their payments!

By  clairecurses  |  19

Hey, go to centrelink! They have payments for people that have had to move out of home to go to uni & for young people doing full time study etc. You can also get rent assistance too

By  Yudith  |  20

Did you explain the "not eating for two days" thing to your mother? Once, I was in your shoes and I hinted at it to my mother, and I received a trunkload of meat as a gift. If I was your mother, you'd receive enough frozen leftovers to last you till the New Year and we are in March. She might buy you new underwears too. Also, what about your dad and other family members?

By  KittyMack  |  13

Some people give gifts not to make the recipient happy but to have fun shopping. I hope this mother isn't really that selfish, and it was simply a matter of OP needing to be more open about their difficulties.
OP if you really can't get any groceries out of your family, maybe try a food bank. The school may have one, the town surely does, and maybe local religious groups do too.

By  Chelsea Schattner  |  9

Op I have been where you are. It's hard and humiliating but you can do it.
Food banks, other family members and even friends can help.
Your mother is an idiot. My family does it too and it's infuriating. I help out my sister with gift cards, grocery deliveries and just asking her what she needs. I don't do the guessing game with gifts.