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By anouk05 - 15/10/2010 05:13 - Switzerland

Today, my boyfriend told me, "Don't worry, someday you'll be mature as well." By this, he meant that I will be willing to have sex with him in public. FML
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That's just disturbing! Why do it in public?

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In public ? Oh god. Nobody wants to see that !


perdix 29

I know a girl who does it in Wal-Mart. She's just too cheap to BUY the Great Value condoms, so she just uses them in the store and leaves without paying.

I doubt if there is walmart in Switzerland

Yeah, they don't have Wal-Mart they have Migros.

Don't worry op! I'd **** you wherever you want me to! Jk, you wouldn't wanna **** me...

Aye, but if you have a thing for my fat pussy < I'm sure he can show you a godd time!

KingDingALing 9

33- So much for an hour with that fat pussy of yours? <My dog is really horny, as you can see... ;p

not walmart, mcdonalds at nite on the slides is the place to be for my city.

Sex in public? That's disgusting. Nobody (well most people don't) want to see that.

That's just disturbing! Why do it in public?

that's what we do in switzerland google zeus in küssnacht or freubad in recherswil and then of course if you want more privacy you can find many nice spots in the wild

3 - the adrenaline rush is supposed to make for an extremely intense ******.

what's wrong with public sex? lol it's pretty exhilarating, just don't do it outside during the winter(learned my lesson the hard way)

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do you have ANY modesty?? at all?? clearly not!

You can do it in the winter! Just come prepared!

lol yupp flannel plaid shirt and longjohns haha growing up in northern Canada toughens you up

You know what's worser than having sex in a park at winter? Having sex in a park in the mud at winter. Never again. I prefer dressing rooms, it's still kinky, but you have your privacy.

Just gotta stay out of the wind. Chapping's no fun, and there are some places you don't want to apply the Blistex.

lol chapped "lips" if ya catch my drift haha

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I think it's pretty exciting :) just it's not too fun when you're on the beach and get sand in unwanted areas :-/

only reason u should b worried is if he doesn't finish fast enough XD

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In public ? Oh god. Nobody wants to see that !

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just because it's in public doesn't mean people are going to see you. that's the excitement about it, the possibility of being caught.

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believe it or not, cops really do have better things to do than arrest people for having sex. although it may happen, it's unlikely. However does that not go along with "getting caught?"

KiddNYC1O 20

Better things to do!? Like what? Pulling people over for tints or arresting people for simple possession?

cantfightfate 0

yes exactly like that. and searching innocent peoples cars.. harrassing them about DUIs. stuff like that.

KiddNYC1O 20

Wait, do you condone DUI? lol

cantfightfate 0

lol no I've been harrassed for DUI when I was sober. I agree that cops harrass and arrest people when they are bored but for having sex? not typically.

I think that's the stupidest thing I have heard all day. if caught and convicted you WILL have to register as a sex offender.

Awww come on, people do it behind our equipment all the time, we love the show.

Tikwichka 5

The same people, or do you get to enjoy a variety?

Variety, we are in a big industrial park. we screw with the repeaters by having my whole crew parade by after they have had a while to get going.

Anyone notice that the girls are like "eww" and the guys are like "yeah". Go on, be adventurous. Give him a hummer behind the quickie mart.

which is funny cuz ive had a couple of dates who wanted to do it in public, i was a bit vanilla and wasnt exactly thrilled by the idea. obviously i regret that now xD