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  perdix  |  29

I know a girl who does it in Wal-Mart. She's just too cheap to BUY the Great Value condoms, so she just uses them in the store and leaves without paying.

  prinzess_fml  |  25

that's what we do in switzerland
google zeus in küssnacht
or freubad in recherswil
and then of course if you want more privacy you can find many nice spots in the wild

  DjeePee  |  24

You know what's worser than having sex in a park at winter? Having sex in a park in the mud at winter. Never again. I prefer dressing rooms, it's still kinky, but you have your privacy.

  cantfightfate  |  0

believe it or not, cops really do have better things to do than arrest people for having sex. although it may happen, it's unlikely.
However does that not go along with "getting caught?"

  SiraSiemens  |  21

which is funny cuz ive had a couple of dates who wanted to do it in public, i was a bit vanilla and wasnt exactly thrilled by the idea. obviously i regret that now xD