By Anonymous - 23/12/2016 19:12

Today, my sister gave me a early Christmas present. It's lice. FML
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If it's head lice I agree, your life sucks. But if it's pubic lice, you deserved it.

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Tell her you heard Vasoline kills off lice on your head while also making it easier to get the eggs off. Which it does. At least it worked for me and my family during our epidemic over a decade ago. But the catch is Vasoline does NOT come off easily. We were all taking turns showering the entire day as well as the next. And while one's hair is vasoline-y, one tends to feel gross as shit. Have literally feels gross.. I would suggest leaving out the part about Vasoline being a bugger to wash out. all in all, it's really a catch-22 solution. && Maybe good for revenge that isn't tooooo malicious. As I'm sure your sister did not mean to give you lice. It's terribly hard not to get it once someone you live with gets infested.. (p.s. did anyone else start scratching their head at the mention of 'lice'? )

dawn and hot water a few times or a much worked for my Mother when we were kids

I don't like nit-picking, but... I don't think you'll like nit-picking, either!

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The gift that keeps on giving!

This same exact thing happened to me last year