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Today, I had to suffer through a two-hour long trivia game with my boyfriend's family. As if that wasn't annoying enough, my boyfriend caused the pair of us to lose by just a single point, because he answered "Quebec" to the question of "What is the capital city of France?" FML
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Who needs geometry anyway (yes I'm joking)

friedpwnadge 25

Nothing like a good trivia loss to ruin your entire day and week and lifetime and also your next reincarnation.


Who needs geometry anyway (yes I'm joking)

Thank you for that. Without you letting me know, I would have had no idea that was a joke.

Wishez 12

Lol bro, I think you meant geology. (I'm joking too >:P)

#10, if they hadn't said it was a joke, inevitably someone would have corrected them... Can't win #1 :|

True. It's a no win situation. It's best not to comment in a world where sarcasm is a foreign language.

#17: Sarcasm isn't a foreign language here. Bad sarcasm is.

Actually, I'd say bad sarcasm is quite common around these parts.

maxmex13 7

I'm being sarcastic right now. (Mindblown)

Telescope 1

Only a good ol' game of sarcastaball can settle this.

Ill go get the bra's and aluminium foil hats...

Don't forget the balls!!! Can't play without the balls.

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I think you mean "Geography".

friedpwnadge 25

Nothing like a good trivia loss to ruin your entire day and week and lifetime and also your next reincarnation.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

I am going to be that guy. I will be thumbed down like there is no tomorrow. But I accept it, why? Because there is nothing to be ashamed about ignorance. Everyone learns. So I will ask, what is the capital city of France? I have no idea.

#113, I guess if you're a first grader or you grew up in the wild and was just brought back to civilisation, there is no shame not knowing. Considering however that you can use the Internet, I'd say that you're in neither case. Knowing that Paris is the capital of France is kinda basic general knowledge as it is one of the most famous capitals in the world, both for culture and tourism. So I would start learning a little bit more about world geography if I were you.

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

Oh! Paris! Duh! I always thought it was just an over hyped tourist attraction. Funny I was going to say Paris, but I felt it was wrong.

113, there's this thing I like to call google. No one hates on you for not knowing a VERY well known fact and you learned on your own. :)

Adovock 6

I was thinking Paris too, but I wasn't sure. I just assumed it was a tourist attraction. Sure, we all know it exists, but nobody brags about being "the capital city of France".

I know! Everyone know Quebec is the capital of Cuba!

I was debating whether I should blatantly point out my sarcasm or if I should leave it open to interpretation. I don't know which one would have gotten more thumb downs.

Im pretty sure op knew she was going Toulouse. ;D

I thought it was Puerto Rico! It's the Cuban capital? Shit been learning it wrong my whole life!

diving_fml 30

he is a quality man, you should give him a gift certificate for school

A gift certificate for school.... By your picture it looks like you might need one too dude.

SerenaSerenadex3 13

22- Don't judge a book by its cover "His Holiness" because your username clearly doesn't fit you either.

Perhaps he thought they asked, what is the capital of French Canadian?

Please tell me you're joking. French Canadiens (yes that is the correct spelling) inhabit several provinces besides Québec. To say that "Québec" is a plausible answer to "what is the capital of French Canada?", would be the same as saying that "Oregon" is the answer to "what is the capital of English Pacific Northwest?". Your comment literally hurts my brain.

Yes I am joking. I guess sarcasm is lost on some people. I just thought since Quebec is an area of Canada with a large French Canadian population that it was a good joke. I guess I was wrong. I am not very good at puns.

20 - Actually, in English, 'French Canadians' is the appropriate way to spell it, although in the context of the original comment, it should have been 'French Canada'. En français, on dit 'canadien français' ou 'canadienne française'. Unless you're talking about French-speaking hockey players who play for Montreal, 'French Canadiens' is completely incorrect. Technically Quebec is the only officially 'French' province of Canada, though there are many significant communities of Francophones in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Alberta, and also French-speaking people of Acadian descent in the United States. There are small communities of Francophone Canadians across the country.

The official languages of Canada are English and French. Quebec may be the province the most densely populated with French-speakers, but they are everywhere and to imply that there could ever possibly be a capital of "French Canada" is what #20 was trying to point out as absolutely moronic.

#52 - you just made my life. Thank you for that.

ballettillidie 8

Duh its clearly Idaho... Silly

Why isn't he a keeper? Just because he didn't know a little fact?

Little fact ? The Capital City of a country ? So why does everyone has to know about he US capital, but no one gives a damn about Europe ? I don't think you can say little fact....

hawright 13

Honestly, that shit sounds fun. I love trivia games and can find no one to play with me. I think you should have enjoyed it. YDI.

Seriously op my family never does anything together. You should be happy just playing the game and enjoying your family.

oj101 33

I didn't want to ever have to say this... but American ignorance comes into play yet again.

Right, because only Americans can be ignorant.

oj101 33

#24 - Not entirely true of course, and whilst most Americans do have good knowledge in geography and international affairs, there are a larger percentage of ignorant people as compared to British, French etc due to the fact that America is its own economic powerhouse, and they don't need to know much about other countries like the UK/France does. Also, that's where Hollywood is (where the media is - unrealistic portrayal), and has states like Texas with a comparatively bad education system compared to Europe.

AbstraktThoughts 13

13: You know what's really ignorant? You thinking every American in our country is stupid.

Americans can name the capital of every state here, while others may have trouble. Vice versa.

38- Good thing you know the main cities of your own country...

Please don't ever say it again then!

38 - I'm Canadian and I can name the capital of every State, and locate it on a blank map. Now how about you name every capital of every province of Canada... And we'll throw in the major countries in Europe, because there are far more States than provinces. (A lot of Americans have NO idea what the capital of Canada is - or Mexico, for that matter - and they certainly couldn't name more than two or three of the major cities or areas in my province, if that. Abitibi-Témiscamingue is a bit of a mouthful, I'll admit. Not all Americans are stupid, but by and large, when it comes to history or geography outside of the continental U.S., the majority of the population is fairly ignorant, so while the OP might have made a blanket statement, follow up statements are correct.)

13-Do you want to know who is ignorant? That is right, you are ignorant. I don't know where y'all live, but down here, it's damn good. Texans aren't as stupid as people think. We're just like everyone else, but we have those schools that should be shut down. "Y'all can go to Hell, I'm going to Texas!"

Um... Ontario or Ottowa for Canada Mexico City for Mexico ... Can I name every capital of every state? That's a negative ghost rider. But I can tell you when it's spring, summer, fall, and winter. (:

Wow people, you guys need to stop making stereotypes about other countries. Every country has dumb people and smart people, some people know geography some don't. Some people have good comments some people have bad ones. 0-£

55- as a fellow Montrealer, it's funny how you can comment on the ignorance of Americans, when our own province is full of illiterate morons. "Lets separate from Canada! **** the English language! We'll live in isolation by only speaking french and we'll be ok! Lets not pay for school! Protest every week just because we don't want to go to class! Lets elect that ******* evil cow as PM!" Seriously there are ignorant people everywhere. Considering that over half of our population is considered as "illiterate", I'm pretty sure that they can't name every state and such.

It's actually spelt Ottawa.. and we have provinces, not states. so 62's point is then proven. It's not that we thing Americans are stupid, but it is tiring when their knowledge of the world is basically American geography, which is fine, but please don't be so ignorant about it. There are other places in the world, and mistaking Canada for France proves how ignorant some people can be. Some, not all.

I meant 55's point is proven, not 62's lol.

jogihoppa8343 23

#38: from your comment it seems that you are very much emotionally attached to your great country and its a good sign that reflects the patriot within you.. however it doesn't means that you'll consider other countries as weak and poor...almost every piece of land in this world has got some unique resource and you should be wise enough to know that.

jogihoppa8343 23

last comment was meant for #28

76 - How little you understand Québécois culture. Have you heard of something called The Quiet Revolution? The FLQ crisis? Where are you from, some Anglophone Waste-Island town, brought up with the belief that Francophones are somehow lacking because they don't want to assimilate into English Canada? You are an English minority in a French majority province, who are a linguistic and cultural minority within an English country. I suppose you think you shouldn't have to speak French, because after all, THEY'RE the minority. You'll note that I stated nothing but fact above - the public education system in the United States is sorely lacking, considering they teach Christian faith-based, scientifically lacking 'science' in some schools, as well as the fact that the graduation rates are way down and that teachers get paid a mere pittance for the education of the future of the country. I also said there were idiots everywhere - that includes in Quebec. Now, have you ever actually sat down and spoken to a non-Montrealer, separatist Francophone? Because I have, and I can assure you that many of their reasons for being angry with the Canadian government and disillusioned with the idea of being forced to learn English to cope with everyday life are assuredly true. This doesn't mean I necessarily agree with them - but I am sympathetic, and rest assured that though I didn't vote for Mme Marois, so far she's done a decent job - better than her incredibly corrupt predecessor, anyway. Even if a referendum were to be held tomorrow, Quebec would not separate from Canada, because support for that is lower than it was in 1995, at the last referendum, when a whole bunch of Anglos - some of my mother's family included - packed up and travelled down the 401 to Toronto and 'greener pastures'. If it weren't for the separatist platform, I would vote for the PQ every time - the rest of their platform is extremely liberal, which I believe firmly shows the compassion at the heart of the Québécois people. As far as the student protests go, are you for real? Are your parents paying for your education? Because mine didn't, and three years after graduation I'm disabled and riddled with debt that I am desperately trying to get rid of, left over from paying for my own schooling while working a 30-hour per week, minimum wage job. An economist has proven that even if you worked an above minimum wage job, every single day that you were not in school, and didn't spend a penny on anything else, you would STILL not be able to afford the projected tuition. Should tuition be raised? Yes, but only a little bit. And Charest's response to the protests, which are a Canadian right under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, was to attempt to outlaw them and flat out refuse to meet with student unions. I'm not talking about CEGEP tuition - though my debt is from an AEC program that included the purchase of extremely expensive supplies - because CEGEP tuition isn't even $150/year. You were looking at university fees of close to $5000/year. How could someone sustainably gain this degree, considering the Quebec government will not give loans or bursaries to a student still living at home with their parents? That means you have to find a roommate or six - few Quebec universities have on-campus housing - and go further into debt paying for your rent, heat, clothing and food. Some lucky souls get their way through school paid by their parents. Most of us don't, and we get by with sweat and blood and tears and doing without. I used to visit my grandmother on the weekends to do homework because she lived close to downtown and was the only person who could give me a decent meal. Tell me, is the cost of education worth that? Education should be a fundamental human right, along with healthcare, shelter, food and water. Medicare has come through for me on many, many occasions. If I were an American, I would be dead. You should spend some time gaining some wisdom and asking why people think the way they do, instead of blindly judging them. Once you've learned the truth, as I did about the American school system - by researching the facts, as well as the brief period of time that I lived in the States - then you can criticize. But what you're blindly spewing is what every single entitled, snobby Angryphone has spewed - hatred for the Francophone and Native cultures that make our province so beautiful, and ignorant blanket statements about a situation you don't understand. Francophones were long treated as less than second-class citizens, as if their inability to understand English made them stupid - they couldn't conduct business in their own language, and this entire province was run by wealthy Anglophones. Of course there some spiteful separatists who say asshole things like 'Anglos go home' and 'Ici on parle français!' when you're having a private conversation on the bus, but you would be surprised how much a little courtesy goes if you address people in French - even if they switch to English afterwards. One of my best friends was born in Rivière-du-Loup. She learned how to speak English because she wanted to read Batman comics and play video games in English. Her English writing is impeccable. If she could make that effort to learn an entire language (never took a class) to read BATMAN comics, surely Anglophones living in Quebec can make an effort to learn enough French to get through pleasantries and communicate with the people you share your home with. They aren't an invasive species.

28, you just managed to piss me off. I'm sick of people stereotyping Americans as being stupid and ignorant to everywhere else in the world. The fact you singled out a southern state makes me more agitated. Though I was not born in Texas, I do live here now. I can tell you compared to California's education system, Texas exceeds ten fold. No offence to anyone from California. That's just been my experience between the two states. Stop stereotyping every single American, especially the southern part of the United States.

^ I immediately stopped reading when you mentioned Lady Gaga's affair with Chewbacca. What the hell are you talking about?

122: We don't have schools trying to teach creationism or NOT teach evolution... or people petitioning for secession. Also, as an American, I don't think the original commenter is wrong. We are isolated and generally uninterested in many parts of the world.

I am applauding over here in Nova Scotia... I read every word you wrote, and YOU are a very informed individual, and I would be proud to call you my friend. Way to speak your mind and not sound like a moron (unlike the person to whom you were replying). It's so nice when people understand what's going on.

116 - I suggest you move to Africa... They have inexpensive schools there.

116- I stopped reading halfway through because you're an idiot. You think that just because you live in Quebec, you should be spoon-fed? Shut up. Our university tuition is ******* PEANUTS compared to the US. PEANUTS. You're complaining because your tuition is 5000$ give me a break. You want to go to school? Pay the damn price. And as far as Canada and Quebec go, I think Canada has been pretty ******* generous and patient with this shitty province. And you think the PQ is liberal? Ya it's really liberal of them to try to force people to go to French school instead of having a choice. Because they have to "preserve their culture"? Uh my grandparents immigrated here and guess what we managed to preserve our culture without imposing it on anyone else. The only reason the PQ seems more "liberal" now is because they have back-pedalled on everything they said when they were campaigning.

Oh and that comment about the Natives? Go on the Quebec Français Facebook page. They state that if the Natives want respect they need to learn FRENCH. They say they can learn French or get out.

That's probably because it doesn't matter to us what the Capitol of Bumsquat is, we don't care. It has absolutely zero effect on our daily lives. Now, if you were to ask us which was the most important flavor in a half-gallon of Neapolitan Ice Cream, everyone would say "Chocolate".

128: I think the first part was meant for the person above me lol, although, some people in Texas were wanting to secede from the Union after the results of the election in November. I do agree with you on the fact that, yes, some of us (probably a majority) are not interested in events or places around the world. What set me off is the fact that everyone in the U.S. was just stereotyped as ignorant.

Agreed..... I'm freaking from Montreal Quebec in Canada... I don't own an igloo and have Internet

143: It's peanuts compared to the US. It's incredibly expensive compared to Sweden. And I well know how all North American governments treat Natives, I'm a member of the Idle No More movement, and the Canadian government is NOT any better. Yes, the Quebec government says Natives need to speak French in order to work in Quebec - that's just a flat out truth! EVERYBODY has to speak French to work in Quebec. My Dad's from ******* Ohio and he learned French so he could work here. If you've lived here your whole life, there is NO reason you shouldn't be able to speak French. They start teaching it in kindergarten in English schools! Do you honestly WANT to be monolingual? I speak English and French fluently, have an elementary grasp of Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin Chinese, and can monkey my way through a conversation in Japanese. That's six languages. The average European speaks at least THREE languages. Stop whinging about how 'poor Anglos are treated by Francophones' because believe me, you know dick all about how it was before. And for the most part, the Quebec government has been pretty generous to Anglophones - you can send your children to an English school, you can often find jobs where you don't need to know French (though not in the service industry, but if you wanna be on a phone dealing with irate customers all day, you'll be fine speaking only English). My grandmother has lived in Quebec almost her ENTIRE life (with the exception of two years in Ontario, when she went to visit my uncle and had a stroke), and she doesn't speak ANY French. She lives in Lasalle and she manages, because she's 85 and surprisingly, most people are compassionate about helping people in their own language. There are English language hospitals - and even if you get sent to a French one, usually they'll find someone who speaks English. Many of my friends have learned English because it's helpful to know more than one language, and it enriches your life, but if you're honestly stupid enough to think that the Québécois people should be FORCED to assimilate into Canadian culture and speak only English, than I feel sad for you, because you're missing out on a beautiful culture and wonderful people and your prejudice will only harm you later. As far as Quebec being liberal goes... If you think we're not, you've been living under a rock. Quebec ALWAYS votes left-wing in federal elections, we allow, and encourage, gay marriage, we allow freedom of religion, we want to keep the long gun registry, we spend money on arts and culture - how is that NOT liberal? Are you living in a cave on the moon? The only part of the PQ agenda that's objectionable to most people is the separatist movement - which the majority of people don't support ANYWAY. When your options are identified as corrupt Liberals, Conservatives that no one wants to vote for because of human rights issues, and the PQ - PQ won. Because they were the lesser of the evils. Is anywhere in the world perfect? Nope. But we should strive to be BETTER. The U.S. should be TRYING to make education more affordable, because education should be available to EVERYONE and not just the wealthy, who can afford to send their kids. That's what Canada should be striving for, but the Conservative government doesn't care about the people, they care about money. That's it. Face it - you are a linguistic minority! Would you move to bloody Korea and expect your children not to have to learn Korean? That'd be ridiculous!

kathryn14 19

Just throwing this out there, I live in Texas and I can name every Canadian province, along with it's capital.. Most people at my high school can. We take geography class. We had to learn so much and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why people think we Americans, or at least Texans, are so ignorant when it comes to geography.

WiseGirl98 5

I know I'm late, but thanks #28! I never new my state had a bad education system... I guess all my good grades will be lost when I try to get into a good college because I was raised in Texas! damn sure thought that most of the people here were smart. I think I speak for most Texas people when I say this, "You're an idiot!" just because we don't have as high as scores, doesn't mean a thing. So thanks, algebra is so easy to pass when you're dumb! Makes sense now. Sorry for a rant, but if he said any other state, I'm sure I wouldn't be the only one to rant. I accept any thumbs down because of my rant. I just feel the need to stick up for my state. oh an one more thing, if you see any spelling errors, I'm on an auto correct phone so I don't notice it at first... and some of us are raised to known two languages, so that's a plus in grades.

WiseGirl98 5

and I haven't learned geography yet, but I'll be damn sure too pass with a higher credit since I'm taking AP human geography next year, and make sure I will be the first to pass the first part, because that's the hardest. I love to learn, about other countries and my own, so it should be a lot easier with this comment helping me keep a motivation now. sorry again. I'm gonna be a freshman, and we move so much that I can't keep up with other learning systems so I have yet to really learn geography.