By merrr - 20/01/2014 20:34 - Canada

Today, I dropped my phone in the wet snow. I read that putting it in rice helps to get the water out. Three pieces of rice are now frozen into the power port, and I can't get the charger in. FML
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Just leave it alone for now and go back to it when the rice defrosted. Get a tooth pick and try to get it out of there gently and if that doesn't work go to your provider and hopefully they can be of some use. Good luck OP :)

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Is your name Brian by any chance?


Just leave it alone for now and go back to it when the rice defrosted. Get a tooth pick and try to get it out of there gently and if that doesn't work go to your provider and hopefully they can be of some use. Good luck OP :)

How did the rice even get frozen in the phone? Is it like 20 degrees in your house?

I was wondering the same thing lol

#13 OP lives in a refrigerator. Mystery solved.

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also try taking out the battery and sim card if you can. I've heard blow drying the phone can help too but sometimes it's lost cause.

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Do NOT blow dry it unless you have the heat setting on your blow dryer turned to OFF - nothing will kill an electronic device like heat will.

I think the best thing to do is just go to a phone store and have them get the rice out for you.

Put it in the oven on the lowest possible setting for about 5 or so minutes.

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Oh but that would be common sense number 1

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why did 13 get down voted?

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WTF? I hope no 1 actually listens to that BS #43 advised

#43, wtf!? you know people on the internet would believe anything, dont you?

Did you try turning it on and off again?

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I had a similar rice problem when getting water out of my iPod after dropping it in the toilet. First, let it thaw. Then, wait a good 24 hours with the phone in the bag of rice, changing the rice if necessary. At this point, if the rice has done it's duty, your phone should turn on. Lastly, carefully use tweezers to remove any rice stuck in the charger or headphone jack. I had about ten pieces in my iPod. It was worrisome at first, but the right tweezers did the trick. Good luck, OP!

@26 No need to turn the heat off. most electronics have their failsafe temp around 70C. Most off the shelf hair dryers can't get close to that.

I have this feeling the op has only done it for 10 minutes. I've always read du the outside, put in a bag of rice (probably a 1lb size bag), leave somewhere fairly warm (airing cupboard if it doesn't get too hot) and forget it for 24 hours. Hopefully op reads all this and his phone survives!

@67- you killed the joke -_-

Maybe by 'frozen' op means the rice is stuck? I'm just guessing but it's the first thing that came to mind.

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#121 Or, perhaps, when he says frozen he means to just Let it Go!

The reason why you mustn't heat devices is not because of the component heat threshold. It's because it can cause reflowing of the solder on the board, which is quite likely to cause short circuits.

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Are you serious?

There wasn't actual snow in the phone it was just wet and cold. This is the dumbest YDI reasoning I've ever read.

I still don't understand how the rice froze in the phone.. Did the phone stay in the snow for an extended period of time so it would actually be cold enough to just freeze rice? Was she not inside with a heated environment when she tried putting it in rice?

The OP used frozen rice.

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how the hell do you suppose he gets out the snow dumbass?

If your going to blame OP for this have a good reason. Something like....should've had a lifeproof case

I dropped my phone in the snow once and the phone retained the temperature of the snow for several hours after. It's strange.

I've dropped my phone numerous times in snow and it would not be cold enough to freeze ice. my conclusion is that OP stuck it in rice and pulled it out which is completely pointless I would leave a phone atleast two days.

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Is your name Brian by any chance?

Can someone please explain this to me? I don't get it.

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Google "bad luck brian"

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Only if you wrap it in tin foil first.

So the Asians never came

theyre thumbing you down but the rice thing doesn't work, its all part of the racist 'put it in rice so asians come and fix it' joke...

what the fuck !

#37 how dumb are you? The trick has been around way longer than that joke. It's saved my phone many times.

Apparently there is a new kind of stupid....

Actually rice does work in some cases. It absorbs the water...definitely worth a shot

Woah no this person has a screwed phone not the microwave too,

No, it does work, rice will help pull water out of the air. Thus drying it.

Yea I heard leaving it in the oven works to

I mean I'm just trying to help

Did you leave it outside? How is it still frozen, if you left it in rice overnight, as you should have? So much wrong here, so few details

Get some tweezers or something?

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Oh crap. You probably should have wiped as much snow as possible off first. It'll defrost and f it doesn't, it's probably not too hard to chisel rice away.

Oh yes, just chisel away that phone. Wonder what kind it is. iPhone? (If so, ignore my sarcasm. More interesting that way.)

Call tech support! :D

Is the heating broken?

Dude, just chuck it in the microwave. That seems like a good idea, right?