By bevo - 26/08/2010 02:09 - Australia

Today, my date and I went to the movies. After the date, we were both on an instant chat room at our homes. Her personal message displayed "I think I love my ex again." FML
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perdix 29

Sorry, but you were "the other side" and you failed to show him that your grass was greener. Those old sayings stick around for a reason. Fortunately for you, there's another one: There are plenty of fish in the sea.

yasmeenjonasx3 0

your date was probably still heartbroken anyway and you were her rebound but it clearly didnt work


this happens all the time , a simple murder will do the job.

want revenge **** her sister, no sister? slay the mother no mother? fyl bro

calm down... she said "think" it's not for sure... but it does look bad bummer

yasmeenjonasx3 0

your date was probably still heartbroken anyway and you were her rebound but it clearly didnt work

so you had a good date that ended up will go on....

It happens. Move on. She's obviously ready to. Oh, and mark yourself single & change your status telling everyone how you got crabs from sitting next to your ex in a movie theater. :)

thelife67 0

Being a rebound is the best way to get laid ever. YDI for screwing up your chances.

derkaderk 1

awh that sucks op. there's plenty of other girls out there

derkaderk 1
fuck_you_too 0

Indeed. Murder is the ready-made solution. I suggest a piano wire for subtlety or a hammer for a thrill.

^ Maxwell? Aw, where's ArtIs when I need him? :(

rd_404 0

that sucks dude. forget about her

That's just plain mean! consider yourself lucky; she's a bitch.

redrovaa 0

Ow.. But did it say that right after the date? Or was it there for a while?

Maybe... (Puts on sunglasses) She's polyamorous (friend, got me in a mess of trouble again) YYEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

breaking Benjamin doesn't suk. which was what I was trying to reference. Besides I'm nt David caruso

either way they both blow, sorry to burst your bubble guy.

sourgirl101 28

LTH don't be "So cold". Just "Breathe" and read the "Diary of Jane" (:

Perhaps the status was from a long time ago? Before you dated her. Well anyway gl.

^This is a possibility. Unless he only noticed it because it had changed. Either way, OP, if you're still gonna try you're going to need to clear that up with her.

Ish , ouch dude , you just ate that real hard...

lickmyjock 0

sounds like you dodged a bullet to me.

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2 wrongs don't make a right. And what if it wasn't?