By Anonymous - 26/12/2014 21:03 - Australia - Perth

Today, my obsessive stalker of an ex found my girlfriend on Facebook and sent her a message saying just ":)". For some reason I'll never understand, she took this as a sign that I'd just slept with my ex. Now I'm single, and my ex is probably planning her next move. FML
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If your girlfriend would dump you over that I'd say "good riddance

1.Get a restraining order on the crazy ex-girlfriend 2.Find a new gf that trusts you 3.Good Luck


If your girlfriend would dump you over that I'd say "good riddance

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It was a damn smiley face over a frickin Facebook message from a crazy ex. If she ain't willing to consider what he says over it, then good riddance to her! People sometimes lie about stuff, but if you actually care, you give them more chances to prove that they don't lie. I realize that's really hard, but if you truly care, you at least hear them out, especially when you don't have any real evidence of anything.

You make it seem like you have some divine understanding of OP's relationship. I think if she's willing to read that far into a Facebook message ( and you really have to stretch it from smiley face to infidelity) OP deserves better.

You are right, I don't know OP at all and you probably think I'm an ass for pretending to have "divine understanding", but I'd like to think I live in a world where relationships don't end because of a smiley face. I guess I was wrong.

Relationships have ended over not favoriting a picture on Twitter. We make fun of those people, but they exist. Sometimes people want out and are just looking for an excuse, and they'll take what they can get no matter how ridiculous it is.

The smiley face is what OP knows about. The ex could have had other messages sent out, making the :) mean exactly what his gf thought. Regardless, she shouldn't have* believed her. (*Yes, I spelled it correctly. Thought I'd refrain from abusing grammar nazis during the holiday season. Happy New Year! >:) )

1.Get a restraining order on the crazy ex-girlfriend 2.Find a new gf that trusts you 3.Good Luck

DITTO to the restraining order!!!! And gather as much documentation as you can. Even writing down incidents can help.

Judge: What has your ex done to deserve a restraining order? OP: She sent a smiley face to my recent ex gf on facebook.

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Yeah, I've got a batshit crazy ex-girlfriend, and a restraining order wouldn't do anything. 20+ blocked numbers, and I've had to change my phone number, as well as my girlfriends. And she somehow got my new number. Crazy exes suck.

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A restraining order will get you so far when the internet's around.

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Now you have TWO crazy exes. FYL.

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maybe you need to rethink your life choices then ? cause youre obviously picking crazy people

Definitely sit down and think if there's a pattern in your "type" of woman. .....and maybe try getting to know someone that doesn't fit your typical mold. Don't let history repeat itself again!

I'm not sure what that could possibly mean... birch? birth? broom? The world may never know.

Are you guys blind? He means a basteriskasteriskasteriskasterisk. Geez, is reading really such a forgotten art nowadays?

Why the h*ck do people censor words online? Shit doesn't make any ******* sense...

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FML reports the dumbest crap and bans your account. It's like their 5

That's some dramatic love life you got there.

let her go. obviously she's not worth it if she just leaves without finding out the information.

Pretty sure it's innocent until proven guilty.

I'm pretty sure he meant guilty until proven innocent considering OPs (ex) girlfriend broke up with him without any proof that he had slept with his crazy ex.

Good thing your girlfriend is your ex girlfriend now, you dodged a bullet there. Hopefully you can get a restraining order against your crazy ex! Good luck

Maybe your girlfriend got scared of the crazy one, so she put that excuse to break up with you and escape from that situation. With that being said, you need to report the crazy ex to the authorities so you can have a normal life. Good luck!

Report the ex for what? Sending a smiley face to his girlfriend? Sorry buddy but the dating police doesn't exist.

nope, no dating policd, just regular police who deal with stalkers and people who harass other people, the original ex sounds like she fits well in those categories

These people (besides the person who wrote this FML) in a nutshell: *BRING! Coo-coo! Coo-Coo!*