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#9, he only has the wheelchair because he needs it for his injured foot, yet he and his brother were messing around with it in such a way that it rolled over that foot. It seems like a pretty good rule of thumb to not mess around with something you only have because you're injured, no? Especially when there's a chance that you could further injure yourself with the thing that's supposed to help your injury.

  chuka81  |  27

It's only logical, since it's already injured, it could as well keep getting injured rather than let other body parts suffer as well. It's called taking one for the team, or in this case, taking multiple for the team.

By  EagleSonOfEagle  |  11

I'm guessing your parents often told you that things you were playing with were not a toy. "The dishwasher is not a toy," "The chair is not a toy," "The shovel is not a toy." Now that you are older, everything is a toy to you! I may be wrong, but that's how I picture it, and it's awesome to be an adult!