By Jon - United States
Today, I hit a horrible tee shot from the 18th hole. I decided to use my driver to take my frustration out on a nearby bush. The bees who lived in that bush decided to use their stingers to take out their frustration up inside my golf shorts. FML
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  lilfuzz409  |  0

"YDI for golfing with all fags and old men. I'd rather sit and watch women interact! That's worse than nails on a chalkboard!"
If you think all golf players are "fags and old men" you're retarted and you deserve any and every FML on this blog. You really should watch what you say.. I really hope someone is your family is gay and enjoys playing golf!... Peace.


I hate how everyone here automatically goes "karma's a bitch", or "karma will get you", etc! You guys do not even know what the hell karma is! And even if you did, you'd realize it isn't *real*! Besides, the myth that is karma shows that it is something that will transfer into your *next* life, if you even believe in that stuff. It would be more correct to say "What comes around goes around". So learn about what you talk about. God; I hate how this site is full with a bunch of retards that just copy what other people say. /end rant.


uhm, i hope you realize that "what goes around comes around" IS karma. Why don't you stop ranting about everyone else's opinions-- because everyone is entitled to their own, and get a life. There's no need for you to trash what other people are saying just because you don't know what karma is.

  leyalu  |  0

I hope you look up the definition of karma, and as an extension, Hinduism, and then try to say that again. Sorry but that was pathetic... considering that they were right and you are, still, incredibly wrong.

By  Qup  |  0

you take golf too seriosly. relax and enjoy it rather than fume over a bad shot. it's just not that important. you took a hard lesson- learn from it.