By jll14 - 31/03/2013 22:27 - Malaysia - Kota Kinabalu

Today, my mom has forbidden me from drinking skim milk, because my sister is upset that I'm skinnier than her. The same sister who refuses to drink any other milk than 2% chocolate. FML
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Or maybe a not so friendly "slap out of it" would suffice. If they force Op to add weight she should work out more to compensate for their idiocy.

Or you could just accidentally poison her chocolate milk.

Or put laxatives in the chocolate milk and tell her she's lactose intolerant.

I'm with 40 here. Might even be willing to take it further depending on compensation.

To what? Chop off the sisters fat rolls?

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twaumat 28

76 - nothing a paper bag won't fix right?

86 paper bags are for ugly faces... This sounds like something a paper bag, bottle of jack, and a light switch just won't fix.

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Or hire a hit man whose also trained to perform lipo-suction to sneak into her bedroom and just make her skinnier

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Haha! Exactly, this makes no sense whatsoever. Oh, you're skinnier then me? I'll try to make you fat then instead of losing weight myself! People these days....

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Same thing said on previous FML.

Didn't you say the exact same thing on another recent FML?...

17, sadly, this is common among siblings, especially in adulthood. Growing up and 'til the age of 25, I was always the overweight/fat one and my 2 sisters were skinny. Then, I got sick but I could exercise a lot to lose the weight. All the meanwhile, my sisters gained a lot of weight and still can't get rid of it. They literally have called our parents, complaining that I'm too skinny and I make them look bigger than they really are. None of us live close and our parents are in Alaska. It's just sad. If they are unhappy with their weight they should do something about it, not bitch about how a sibling is too skinny.

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I asked my mother if she would start buying skim milk or even just 1%-2% milk but she refused. All she will buy is whole milk, even though it's unhealthy

2 - if one reads 123's reply on the first comment, then your comment, it makes a lot of sense.

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That's terrible; you shouldn't have to change. Maybe try helping your sister lose weight or help her become more comfortable with her body. Or talk to your mom.

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Dont think her mom or sister would listen.

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Is this an appropriate time to call someone a cow? It's definitely relevant.

I know right. It's OP's body, not their mom's or their sister's body. OP, drink whatever you want to drink. Just because your sister is a jealous little brat doesn't mean you need to change your own lifestyle and eating choices!

Or should we say a big jealous brat?

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Wow really? I bet ur happy to be related!

How did their grandparents mess up their parents so bad.. First the 9 year old, now this..

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Milk does the body good ;-) OP's mom and sistef need to grow up

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Yea I always drink 2% chocolate milk post workout and I used to drink whole regular milk too. Milk is actually really good for you.

Milk is good for you...but for weight, lowfat or skim...and 2% chocolate milk after exercising? Bad idea. Try lowfat if you're going to do that.

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There are actually a lot of studies that show milk is not healthy for you after childhood. It's pretty interesting and makes sense. Most humans can't digest it.

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81 is correct. Processed milk especially. Most of the nutrients milk has naturally are destroyed by the pasteurization it goes through, and the fat content is typically pretty high. Also, it actually depletes your body of calcium as opposed to increasing it. The whole "it's good for your bones" idea is actually a myth.

Milk is pretty much liquid meat, so if you eat meat, you'll have plenty of fats and protein that milk would give you. Green vegetables are probably the best source of calcium, so milk is only good for cereal and dipping cookies in.

I can't digest milk. But I love it. It's so good to me. The stomach cramps and horrible gas are just too bad. I love milk. And no, lactaid milk and pills don't work for me. And it sucks bad but I will drink milk. :)

Your mom is an unfair dumbass. Tell her you'll stop drinking skim when she stops drinking chocolate. Why do you get punished for your sisters self confidence (when its her fault) ? Maybe talk to your dad if you can't get through to your mom?

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Even if the sister agrees to stop drinking chocolate milk it still wouldn't be fair to ask the op to stop drinking skim milk.

"fobidden"? first FML I've seen with a typo!

I'm going out on a limb to assume that her beverage choice isn't the only reason she's bigger than you.

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My thoughts exactly. Unless milk is the only thing they ingest, there are probably bigger diet choices to be changed on the other sisters part.