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Today, I went through the drive-through at Dunkin Donuts and asked for an iced coffee. After no response, I started frantically screaming about bad service. After a while, a woman came out to my car and said, "Please pull up to the speaker." I'd been yelling at a garbage bin for 5 minutes. FML
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YDI for being psychotic AND stupid.

I'm surprised you are even competent enough to post this.


kscott88 0

YDI for being psychotic AND stupid.

ndanick 4

Your dumb cuz they prolly were gunna spit in ur food so ur bad all round

"God damn immigrants"? If you're referring to #94's use of "ur", then you're just being silly. God damn immigrants? No, no. God damn all-American chatspeak users.

#97 was referring to how #94 said "Your dumb". It should have been "You're"

You're a dickwad. **** you, most Americans have shittier grammar than the immigrants you are insulting. ******* prick.

not all americans. but people have to be stereotypical about it, so they can screw themselves.

Legal immigrants from European countries typically have much better grammar than Americans. The same cannot be said of the illegal Spanish-speaking immigrants however.

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Wow. Dude, STFU. I go to school in Cali, and I've lost count of how many friends I have AT MY SCHOOL and at SURROUNDING SCHOOLS (universities, of course) who don't know the proper usage of too, two, and to, for, four, and fore, and there, they're , and their and your and you're. It's the internet, no one's that damned crazy about proper spelling as it is. If I can get over it (and I'm a Linguistics major) I'm sure you can too. While we're correcting people on their grammar: "God" is capitalized because I'm ASSUMING that you were attempting to start a new sentence. It's not "god damn," it's "god damned." You're missing the punctuation at the end of "god damn immigrants." If you WEREN'T trying to begin a new sentence, then you're missing the semi colon that separates two different yet related thoughts that take place in the same sentence. God damned idiot.

Oh hell yes, they do. And comments like that one above are the perfect explanation.

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I love you too! Let's get married and buy a cottage in the hillside where we can raise children and goats to be kind, intelligent and respectful as we grow old together, never letting each other out of sight as we age and wrinkle. Slowly as the years flutter by, we can pass away together, drifting into the light in each others eyes.

Including alot of people that live in it, rofls.

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totally agreed. people like you (OP) make my job miserable. i work at chickfila and when people start screaming at me i really just want to punch them in the face. seriously, its JUST COFFEE. or in my case just CHICKEN. your life isn't going to end so calm the **** down. even if you had been at the speaker, ever think maybe she was changing the batteries on her headset? maybe she had her hands full and couldn't press the button? there's a plethora of reasons why someone wouldn't greet you immediately, as i know from personal experience. dumbass.

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I agree with 248 people don't think or for some reason think they are special and have their stuff instantly and not worry about the other people ordering

Yah... you're just a dipsh*t man. no other explanation I can see.

Wow wtf? How can you not tell apart the difference?

That's what I want to know. Who is really, honestly this stupid? I just can't fathom this. I want to call shenanigans because if it's true, I would have lost all faith in the human race.

OP, you're ridiculous, and you're the reason why people hate America. It's coffee, and the people are being paid $8.00 an hour to deal with your bullshit. Do you really expect great customer service? They were nice enough to be polite to you when notifying you of your error. Get over yourself. You're one of those people who screams "DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM??" Nobody cares, you're not that important.

Wow that is a full on pure blonde moment right there wtf??

As someone who works at Dunkin Donuts, I do not doubt the validity of this story one little bit. I refuse service to people like OP, and theN they can deal with my more impatient manager who will tell them to get the **** out of his store.

Are you insane? you may want to get checked out

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haha for sure you deserved that. also don't be such a bitch and flip out for no reason. even if they were ignoring you and you weren't absolutely crazy and talking to a trash can they would have had a good reason.

In todays FML the OP needs to learn to relax and get off her customer high-horse. Not to mention subscribe to a trash can recognition course.

"trash can recognition course" haha that's a classic.

Sounds like you should make your coffee at home. I'm not sure you're awake enough to be driving around without it.

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hahaha, your comment made me laugh. :)

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Lmao!!!! Tht just made my day

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Fail. Even if you were at the speaker, you should still never scream like that. Irritable much?

I'm surprised you are even competent enough to post this.

i too am often surprised by this same factor.

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Me likey your profile picture! Very cool! :)

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I can only imagine OP when his computer is slow...