By spenmy - 13/06/2010 09:56 - United States

Today, it was a little colder than it should be for this time of year, and as a result I was using the heater in my car. Apparently within the last four months, a mouse managed to make his way into my heater vent and die. I can not get the smell of death out of my car. FML
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Sorry OP. We bought a car and the previous owner smoked in it. It was barely noticable, and after a couple of months it didn't smell at all anymore. Untill Fall came and we turned the heat on. Oh. My. Fucking. God. It's been YEARS and the smell of deathsticks comes back when we turn the heat on.

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sounds pretty gross.

gross! time to get fresheners and open the windows...let's hope it doesn't rain now

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oh that happened to us! a humming bird flew into an industrial fan. it was like a juicer.

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Smoke some weed in your car.

yummmy? actually that sucks big time </3

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call the cartalk guys

find it and eat it. roadkill ftw.

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hhahaha #16 hell yeah

Having some nice hott sex in the car should fix the smell. Then cover it up with axe :)

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You can't cover funk with perfume. The car will just smell like someone tried to cover up the smell of sex and death with man spray.

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it could be worse. a girl could cut off your penis as you sleep and throw it out the window of a moving car

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bahahaha. I thought OP said moose... not mouse. xD I'm stupid. :)

34 what the hell? op, light a match.

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ewwww ew ew ew buy a cat and make it fetch =p

the smell of death aha how dramatic

Make a girl give birth in your car then, now you have the smell of Birth :) and placenta

I agree with 20. click and clack would love to hear this story. not sure of what kind of advice they'd give you, but it's a chance to end ip on national radio!

22 yr hair is like AWESOMEEEE!!!!!!

96 yr grammar like sucks

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Last time I checked, it was summer? Unless Colorado is receiving a cold front?

75 - which would be why she said it was strange for this time of dude.

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not every place gets hot and sunny summers. in Washington it rains 300 days of the year. I had my heater on today cuz it was 60 degrees and raining.

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Ew. use garlic, and fthemousesl. dude wtf is antiflood protection?

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it's so you can't post like a million comments in a row! it seriously sucks...

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ohh.. well that was a problem, but I had to wait like 5 minutes just to post a comment on this fml. That suckkkssss

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it really is annoying... isn't it?

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how do u know it's a guy?

It should take less than two minutes. Next time, try waiting before you resubmit it.

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my word exactly.... fyl

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Ahhhh the sweet smell of death....

Why didn't the A/C keep him from nesting, same motor and box, just a different core? Just wondering.

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I'm not sure how it happens but this same thing happened to my grandpa.

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Now THAT stinks! Good luck with that.... Febreeze won't even touch that smell!

More like Deadmau5.

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bring it in to were you got the car and tell them this isn't that much of an Fml.

get rid of the car!! u will never remove the death smell.

18- I dont think that pick is legit. Nice ass btw though

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ydi for using he heater

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op lives in Colorado...

u got a prob w/ people from colorado?

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no I'm just saying that's the reason he's using a heater?

It's raining like Seattle here right now and cold so a heater is def. appropriate