By spenmy - 13/06/2010 09:56 - United States

Today, it was a little colder than it should be for this time of year, and as a result I was using the heater in my car. Apparently within the last four months, a mouse managed to make his way into my heater vent and die. I can not get the smell of death out of my car. FML
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Sorry OP. We bought a car and the previous owner smoked in it. It was barely noticable, and after a couple of months it didn't smell at all anymore. Untill Fall came and we turned the heat on. Oh. My. *******. God. It's been YEARS and the smell of deathsticks comes back when we turn the heat on.


gross! time to get fresheners and open the windows...let's hope it doesn't rain now

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oh that happened to us! a humming bird flew into an industrial fan. it was like a juicer.

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Smoke some weed in your car.

yummmy? actually that sucks big time </3

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Having some nice hott sex in the car should fix the smell. Then cover it up with axe :)

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You can't cover funk with perfume. The car will just smell like someone tried to cover up the smell of sex and death with man spray.

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it could be worse. a girl could cut off your penis as you sleep and throw it out the window of a moving car

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bahahaha. I thought OP said moose... not mouse. xD I'm stupid. :)

34 what the hell? op, light a match.

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ewwww ew ew ew buy a cat and make it fetch =p

the smell of death aha how dramatic

Make a girl give birth in your car then, now you have the smell of Birth :) and placenta

I agree with 20. click and clack would love to hear this story. not sure of what kind of advice they'd give you, but it's a chance to end ip on national radio!

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Last time I checked, it was summer? Unless Colorado is receiving a cold front?

75 - which would be why she said it was strange for this time of dude.

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not every place gets hot and sunny summers. in Washington it rains 300 days of the year. I had my heater on today cuz it was 60 degrees and raining.

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Ew. use garlic, and fthemousesl. dude wtf is antiflood protection?

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it's so you can't post like a million comments in a row! it seriously sucks...

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ohh.. well that was a problem, but I had to wait like 5 minutes just to post a comment on this fml. That suckkkssss

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it really is annoying... isn't it?

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It should take less than two minutes. Next time, try waiting before you resubmit it.

Why didn't the A/C keep him from nesting, same motor and box, just a different core? Just wondering.

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I'm not sure how it happens but this same thing happened to my grandpa.

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Now THAT stinks! Good luck with that.... Febreeze won't even touch that smell!

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bring it in to were you got the car and tell them this isn't that much of an Fml.

get rid of the car!! u will never remove the death smell.

18- I dont think that pick is legit. Nice ass btw though

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u got a prob w/ people from colorado?

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no I'm just saying that's the reason he's using a heater?

It's raining like Seattle here right now and cold so a heater is def. appropriate