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Today, while sitting at a red light with my window down, the asshat next to me flicked his still-lit cigarette away. It landed in my car and wedged between me and my seat. It burned a hole in my shirt and my seat, and burned my back and hair. FML
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"Today, some asshat burned me with a cigarette. So I followed him home and burned his house down." Would sound perfectly reasonable to me, just in case you need some advice.

TeamKelly 10

I don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate.


TeamKelly 10

I don't understand how people can be so inconsiderate.

Don't mean to be stereotypical, but most smokers that I've come across seem to be very inconsiderate. ******* throw their cigarette butts on the ground, instead of putting them in one of those ash dispensers.

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Ash Dispenser? Ism't that just a ridiculously elongated way to say 'cigarette'? Maybe you meant ashtray? And not all smokers are butt flicking asshats like the guy OP encountered. The majority will put it in a bin or ashtray if provided. Agreed though that many throw them on the floor under the pretense that it is biodegradable. It isn't.

For ***** sake, hence the word 'MOST' in my previous comment.

I've worked at Walmart as a cashier for several months now, and you never get used to the million negative, idiotic things that people do. For lack of better words.

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monnanon 13

actually as someone who has to clean up all thr butts every morning outside their work i can safely say that MOST smokers do litter. either that or therr is one person eho can go through 5 packs everyday. there are smokers who are considerate in every way but in my experiencr i haven't met many.

45, some of those "ash trays" don't really hold the butts. The shape is too short, usually the ones on top of trash cans. Though, the one where I used to work was just deep enough except when it was windy. I usually stub them out and throw them away for that reason. Though, when I'm driving, as there is not allowed to be physical evidence in the car, I throw them low so they don't fly.

monnanon 13

the ash bin we have is large and deep and is no way they can blow as it is fully enclosed apart from the slata for dumping the butts plus the place i am finding the butts is far enough away rule out accidental littering

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@#30 --- Wait until you've been there 14 years. Just when you think you've seen everything walk through the doors, a new atrocity comes through.

You all have missed the point. To the guy that said he has never met a considerate smoker. We probably just don't stand out. To the guy that picks up butts each day. You can't even fathom how many more butts you'd have if everyone was like that. This is typical anti smoker bullshit, your opinions are heavily bias. Next time I throw away a cig in the appropriate manner I'll be sure to bring my trumpet so I can create a fanfare.

monnanon 13

so what you are saying is because we expect smokers to clean up after themselves like everyone else we are anti smoking? and for the record the amount of butts i find everyday can not be one or even a small number of people. i dislike finding any rubbish lying around but the ciggarette butts are by far thr biggest problem.

If all smokers are inconsiderate assholes who litter everywhere then perhaps all non smokers are whiny self-centered bitches. Now, I know this is not true, however the assumptions are very similar.

56- I'll never work there for fourteen years lol.

#75, Did you really miss my point or are you being obtuse? No, expecting smokers to clean up after themselves is not anti smoking. Over generalizations based on the habits of some smokers and the slandering of an entire group of people most certainly is. I'm sorry you have to clean cigarette butts up on a regular basis, i'm sorry as a grown man you have to do any cleaning like that. I'd be pissed too. But it's still not OK to take your little slice of american life and transpose those experiences onto some kind of world model for what smokers are like. It's so simple. My experience as a smoker is one of consideration for others. We gave up a lot to make you all happy. And yet on the other foot all I seem to hear is negative bullshit from the anti camp. I await the day we have to smoke in 'isolation' chambers located at least 5 miles radius from any form of civilization.

#78, I think I love you. *makes suggestive eyes*

monnanon 13

so i mentioned that in my little SCOTTISH slice of life i had to clean ip after many inconsiderate smokers and had experiencrd bad behavior from a lot of them and that is a generelisation? no that is my experience. all of my in laws smoke and apart from one incident of smoking around my kid after i had asked them not to i would say they are considerate smokers. what i will not put up with iw other grown ups expecting me to clean up after then and do their work while they are taking extra breaks. no other addicts get dedicated breaks.

"Today, some asshat burned me with a cigarette. So I followed him home and burned his house down." Would sound perfectly reasonable to me, just in case you need some advice.

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Don't worry. He was kidding. ... You WERE kidding... Right???

Just make sure you use combustible lemons when you burn the house down...

That stinks OP. I feel for you, hope you're okay, that was incredibly rude of them. It could've ended up so much worse though, luckily you're still alive and you handled it well :)

Some people just want to watch the world burn. :)

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It was probably Oakland. Lol Bay Area represent!

RAIDERS 4 LIFE! Our motto should be: Oakland... Where the bad kids go!

What an absolute **** that guy is. No other way to explain it.

Yes there is no other way to describe an arsehole other than calling him a derogatory term related to female genitalia. Yes there is no other way to insult this man without also insulting the entire female population. Get a dictionary misogynist

Yes there is no other was to describe an arsehole than to use a derogatory term reheard to female genitialia. Yes there is no other way to insult this man than to also insult the entire female population. Get a dictionary misogynist.

Only one thing to do now... You'll need a rubber chicken, a *****, three irradiated haggis, twelve gallons of anti wrinkle cream, and a sheep with its wool dyed purple. I'm sure you can figure out the rest...

You mean you don't see where he's going....seems pretty obvious

Ill bring the bananas, condoms, and 12 pack of beer. Don't worry we'll get this bastard!

I'll bring the toilet paper, two speakers, and a potato cannon.