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  enddmd  |  27

I personally prefer the rake. It does exponential damage in the act and can make the hole in the ground look less conspicuous after the fact.

  kuzzy00  |  22

Recommend botulism...
Only a small amount is needed to kill someone, it takes 24 hours to test for in hospital, and it's impossible to be targeted for murder. It's also reasonably quick at killing someone.

Not that I'm psycho; my newspaper had a story about NZ Milk having a Botulism scare for baby products.
Turned out to be all BS precautionary steps, thankfully.

  LostInTheZone11  |  28

I vote the mattock.

  GinaWater95  |  8

I recommend watching a few episodes of Dexter. Then, the guy will think he's in control with his perfect set of tools. When he goes to commit the crime BAM who's in control now bitches? Dexter of course (in this case the OP).

  cakefete2  |  30

If only it were that simple. Not to bash the police, because generally they do their best, but they wouldn't be able to do anything. Unless there is irrefutable proof that the guy was going to act on it or was in the commission of the crime, their hands would be tied. They can enforce a law one broken, prevention usually involves civil rights being trampled.

  dannnngthatsux  |  19

Civil rights being trampled aren't very high on the list anymore. Just be sure that you in no way are a threat to their well being. The courts over and over (SCOTUS especially) have been saying even if there was no threat, a perceived threat, I.e. 'can't see your hands', is enough for justifiable homicide. Better not to chance it.

  schwaka  |  17

I agree with #4 honestly, 99% of the time people say things like that jokingly. If I was planning a murder I wouldn't start asking people for advice, that just draws attention and someone probably would call the police.

  morella_xx  |  29

Right. If it really seemed like he wasn't joking, then I definitely would have gotten his name from his credit card receipt and called the police. At worst, he really was just joking, but at best you're saving someone's life.

  Zebediabolical  |  39

Yes. Yes we do. And we buy our equipment months in advance. Nothing screams GUILTY like showing up on CCTV at home depot buying chicken wire, cement and cinder blocks just before a significant other dissapears.

  salic77  |  11

You're the reason the police can't defend the people who really need help because they come to your "aid" when there wasn't any threat and now you've just successfully wasted the pd'a time, money, and endangered someone's life. You also just caused a bit of grief for a person who was merely awkward at conversation. You need to commit yourself to a hospital before you fuck anything up for anyone.

  morella_xx  |  29

#106, are you aware that you can make non-emergency reports? As in, you can call or go to your local police station and file a report (which costs no money and endangers 0 lives, and consumes only minimal time from someone whose job is to receive reports anyway). I'm not saying the cashier should have called 911 on the spot. This was obvious to anyone with half a brain.

By  kuzzy00  |  22

Be an expert salesman! Start quoting movie plots involving use of tools. Be completely joking with it, and give him gory details.
I had customers in the past like that, and they end up making decent sales!
One time a customer asked "Give me a freezer that can hold lots of meat!" So I showed him around... There was a trailer for a horror showing on display screens. We discussed that we could "cut up and fit approximately 5 children in this model" etc. Joking that way make me an awesome commission!