By Anonymous - 29/08/2014 16:17 - United Kingdom - Slough

Today, after finally getting rid of an extremely rude, abusive customer, I muttered that I could kill people like her. I didn't know my manager had heard me, until a pair of police officers arrived. He'd reported me for "threatening to murder a customer". FML
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Wow, if I were you I'd kill for a new boss.

I can't believe your manager would actually think your were serious about something like that. Hopefully you didn't get into too much trouble. Might want to rethink your place of employment.


I can't believe your manager would actually think your were serious about something like that. Hopefully you didn't get into too much trouble. Might want to rethink your place of employment.

Well I think it was more like a warning. I mean if he could have heard it other customers could most likely hear it too, and that isn't good for business. Op chose that job and should get used to rude customers.

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Well if the manager was worried about other customers hearing something like that then they would have just talked to OP. Maybe threaten to reduce OP's hours or even fire him. Calling the cops is over doing it.

Well considering op's reaction im guessing it wasnt the first time he said something like that. U can't just walk around threatening people no matter how rude they are. And especially not if people can hear you. Every job has its down sides, still he chose sales, everybody knows at one point you will have to deal with rude customers.

You shouldn't have to get used to rude customers, the manager should grow some balls and handle the situation. There's a difference between being upset and being belligerent, management has just lost the ability to tell the difference and handle it appropriately. It's called being tactful, you tell people what they don't want to hear by wording it respectfully, and ask them to leave if they continue being stupid. It's all about wording it right. Just because you're a customer doesn't mean you can treat anyone however you want.

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yeah he or she sounds a little bit naive to even be a manager in the first place if they really would take that so seriously.

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What a killer way to spend an afternoon

Why would you say that aloud? I understand frustration with customers, but there's a line you shouldn't cross even when you complain.

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I can completely understand why OP said it. Working in any type of retail job can really test your patience and sometimes the only way to get through your shift is to say stuff like that yourself.

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I work retail, at a beer distributor, no less. it's called self control. you just can't run your mouth wherever, whenever, however, you want, especially when other customers are in earshot. it's actually not that hard to talk quietly to another coworker or to even just say nothing. no good comes from it.

Except the customer wasn't in earshot and OP muttered it to himself, no one else. I understand not saying it to other people but he didn't, he said it to himself when he was sure the customer couldn't hear.

6 - I completely agree. Employees working in customer service should act in a professional manner and not express negativity to any costumer or co-worker no matter what the circumstances. You are getting paid to serve the costumer, not bitch and complain about them!

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#60, the negativity was not intended to be expressed to anyone but OP. It's relief from some of the frustration when people are able to express the emotion in some way. In fact, I would argue that NOT doing this in some form or another would actually be a detriment to your mental well-being. And it was inteded for OP ONLY. OP intended for no single other individual to have heard that statement.

#60, they should pay more to deal with shitty customers, I would regularly end up with abusive customers that would almost leave me in tears just because we ran out of stock of something or something equally as minor. Customers take it out on those who aren't in control.

If looks could kill, I would have a few dead bodies on my...eyes... today. The perfect murder.

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You never know what people are capable of.

Like he hasn't thought about killing someone. We all have...right?

I think at this point we'd all consider someone who hasn't to be weird.

Like my man Louie said, if murder was legal there would be so much murder.