By oh god. - 14/05/2014 23:16 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, while at work, I asked an older customer how he was doing. He told me that he'd just lost his wife. I gave my condolences before he clarified that his wife was not dead, but was lost in Walmart. FML
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Lost in Walmart? That poor old woman is as good as dead.

Haha, old people and their forgetfulness! So cute


pwnman 33

Death is not a joke, and he made it a joke. Shame on him.

No he didn't, he just said he couldn't find her.

Goblin182 26

Ain't none of us getting out alive, so we may as well laugh about it.

Well, at least you spelled "I" correctly. Small steps.

He was joking, he was referencing " liek if u crie evrytiem"

rocker_chick23 27

#1 He couldn't find her in Wal-Mart. Reading comprehension is your friend

incoherentrmblr 21

Hopefully she'll turn up in the lost & found...

Aw #30 I thought that was funny personally. People just thumb things down when they don't understand them. Ridiculous that people thought you were somehow not joking or referencing something.

Haha, old people and their forgetfulness! So cute

I don't know why people freak out if you reference something from YouTube/Twitter/other social websites. I think, if done cleverly, the relation can be quite funny.

Lost in Walmart? That poor old woman is as good as dead.

As a Brit, can I just ask why people refer to Walmart as something horrendous and usually mock those who go there?

Because Walmart is the retail version of hell, that's why.

Oh okay, because I know Walmart own ASDA (don't know if that's anywhere outside of the UK), and no one mocks those who shop there. It it like the equivalent of a pound shop?!

I think that what they're essentially trying to say is mostly scum shop there and it makes the whole place unpleasant... So yeah, just like poundland.

"fringes of society" meaning...some really weird shit.

34, check out the People of Walmart website. That will answer all your questions.

#53 HAHA OMG, that website is actually hilarious. Okay okay, I understand the mocking. Bloody hell some of those people seem absolutely crazy.

Not to mention it's ridiculously huge, it takes half an hour to find any particular item, their customer service is terrible and they have 20 cash registers and almost always only 1 cashier, even when there's a line of literally twenty people. I hate Wal-Mart so, and yet I keep shopping there. What the Hell is wrong with me???

skyeyez9 24

Look up "people of walmart" on youtube, and it will answer your questions. Someone made a funny video and song with actual customer's pics.

Just a little awkwardness, no big deal. All you gotta do now is help him find his wife!

Knowing that OP's job is at Wal-Mart, clarifies everything. The customer face had to be so sad so OP thought he was talking about death.

it make it sound like you disapprove of Walmart. without Walmart we would not be able to view "walmartians" on a daily basis. ( I actually like shopping there.)

Your costumer should've worded that differently in my opinion haha

alshygirl 14

But it's not even close to Halloween. I think you mean "customer"

It's close enough to halloween that those of us with intricate costumes are already scouting parts and working on them. Being a slutty nurse is simple. But when you're making something like a Repo Man outfit, you want all the time you can get.

Being lost in Walmart is like being dead...

Did you at least help the man find his wife?