By Anonymous - / Friday 10 April 2009 06:59 / United States
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By  guitardedman  |  0

hahahahahaha 4 said choked a bitch...
just about to pull a line from chappelle's show: "Is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch? he doesn't want to but it looks like he's gonna have to choke a bitch"

but that said, i would've quit and fucked her shit up. my truck was keyed at school once and i was fucking livid. shoulda beat some ass

By  zacht27  |  0

get her license and sue her.

And its ridiculous that people still use the race card. There is racism in this world, and it's against white males. Now whenever a minority does not get a job, or get arrested or doesnt get what they want. They say its because of there race. It's ridiculous.

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