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Ugh. Dude, that really sucks. People using the "racism" card like this just diminish the meaning of the word for everyone else.

Hey dude. It's the 21st century. Get over yourself and your race. Biggot. I kid. I kid. Shoulda just ran out and choked a bitch. Or at least drop kicked her ass.

hahahahahaha 4 said choked a bitch... just about to pull a line from chappelle's show: "Is wayne brady gonna have to choke a bitch? he doesn't want to but it looks like he's gonna have to choke a bitch" but that said, i would've quit and fucked her shit up. my truck was keyed at school once and i was fucking livid. shoulda beat some ass

get her license and sue her. And its ridiculous that people still use the race card. There is racism in this world, and it's against white males. Now whenever a minority does not get a job, or get arrested or doesnt get what they want. They say its because of there race. It's ridiculous.

agree 4 and 7. btw. kill her? slam her car multiple times? tell the cops she was racist and she rammed into u because u are ____.

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