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By Anonymous - 01/04/2009 10:07 - Australia

Today, at work, the police were looking over video footage of an incident earlier in the day where a car had slammed hard into another one in the carpark. My manager came into the kitchen and asked if I wanted to come see it to for a laugh. The car that got hit was mine. FML
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#2, I believe some ppl vote YDI for the sake of voting YDI... OP, sue them?


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wow that seems like a totally mature topic to talk about at work.. where do you work lmao? but anyways that really does suck :D how can people vote YDI? wtf she was parked...

#2, I believe some ppl vote YDI for the sake of voting YDI... OP, sue them?

how did you not know that it was your car that had been hit? or did you already know all about it? i worked at a grocery store and one day someone wasn't paying attention, backed clean into the car across from her. she drove off. her license plate didnt.

Still you should of laughed it off, helps with the pain =P Just remember the song 'Always look on the bright side of life'

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#4 probably because he/she was working when it happened

ok so they walked into the kitchen you must be the chef at a resteraunt.... it has windows, but not in the kitchen so thats why they didnt know? i have no idea, but they didnt know because they were inside when it happened and the walls probably drowned out the sound... other than that i think its the funniest thing to happen so far, sorry for your loss, but hey... you got on tape, you can watch your car getting smashed again and again and again...

#4, haha, "she drove off. her license plate didnt."

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hey...you got everything on tape, so you'll be reimbursed quite nicely thanks to insurance. plus, you can laugh at it in the future when you get your new car! :D