By agstadra - 08/12/2010 15:24 - Canada

Today, I was sitting in a parked car. A woman was having difficulties maneuvering out. She honked the horn repeatedly for me to move, then looked me in the eye and called me a "f**king bitch", before driving off. I was in the passenger seat. FML
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You could always throw the glovebox open and reach in. Seems to scare people when I do it :)

Should have looked her in the eyes and fapped, that would have shown her.


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Wow, what a turd. And um if you're in the passenger's seat, you are not going to be able to drive.

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LOL. I was thinking the same, #17.

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Should of got out and started pushing to show your trying.

why the f did op beep out f***king and not bitch?

Ali_Br_fml 33

that's my nickname, didn't you know? I was just thinking that it's quite obvious that she wasn't driving, and probably wasn't allowed to do so, so the driver of the other vehicle should not have yelled at or cursed out Op. but I don't think op's life is really effed because she got cursed out...

@58 They did it that way because bitch isn't considered as offensive as F**cking is. I mean consider the fact that they say bitch on (American) television all the time but they aren't allowed to say the other one. It is just the bizarre world we live in.

Should HAVE gotTEN out and started pushing to show your'RE trying.

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Hey I said something similar. That's cool I like the way you think.

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76, your comment was so long and pointless ir was a waste of time all you said was blah blah blah blah blah, and pretty much said nothing. Ugh

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you should have got out and beat her ass!

You should have called her stupid and blind if she couldn't see that no one was driving.

What happened to your mouth? Did you have a stroke or something?

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she was angry and wanted to lash out no matter what the logic. Same in politics.

hey 37 what happened to your eyes???? got eaten by a shark???

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thats not a white tiger thats a snow leopard

31 is right 7 I believe it is you who failed good day sir.

just ignore her, the world is full of horrible ugly women who are so angry about looking like trolls that they take it out on others

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Being a girl myself, I would love to argue with this statement. Unfortunately, women are frequently nasty when they have no right to be, then use the excuse of "being a woman" to get away with it.

threer 30

I somehow doubt mean women are angry because they're ugly. Just shut the **** up, sexist asshole. The FML had nothing to do with gender.

Maybe she's from a place where the steering wheel is on the other side. One more reason to learn national customs before going to another country...

i would have just laughed if some stupid woman did that to me

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Some people are just plain crazy and bitter.