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Today, I had to do something that many young technologically-savvy people fear. I had to get on my dad's Facebook for him to delete a rather scandalous photo of his genitals he accidentally uploaded. FML
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How do you accidentally upload a nude photo?

kazzythesavage 0

why would you take a pic like that in the first place...?


maybe, but it's also a great opportunity to ask him ANYTHING you want, no matter how expensive it is, i don't think he will refuse ;)

yea tht does suck op... but normally fb is good at deleteing stuff like that

blackmaaaaiiil! jk, obviously your dad trusts you, so that's s good thing.

fyl...especially since OP is a female it has got to be really awkward

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*cough*hot*cough* Will you send me the pic.. you know.. just for... proof..

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ughhh i know what that feels like ! its disgusting and disturbing ! i feel for you op fyl !

i had a friend on myspace who put up a pic of one of his balls with a smiley face on it....i deleted him right away lol

mona_is_here 10

It's your dad's fault. Nobody asked him to take a pic of his genitals in the first place. Gross!

Tasanasanta 0

Yeahhhh... "accidently" uploaded a picture of his balls.... nothing unusual about that. Why he got a picture of his balls anyhow?

I wonder how many comments the picture got... anyway FYL

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I wouldve said fyl but ydi 4 that first sentence

funny as hell, but your dad needs to learn to do that stuff. too bad you didn't accidentally email it to his entire address book....

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OP not all technologically savvy people have fathers with facebooks or fathers to begin with. wrong

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130, that's why she said "many young people"

KatherineAnne 7

isn't posting stuff like that prohibited though?

sourgirl101 28

I think only if it's sent to a minor. I maybe wrong.

dudeitsdanny 9

It's against the rules since Facebook isn't designed to be NSFW. He would have probably been deleted if she hadn't removed it. On another note: I'm technologically savvy, but I've never had this fear. I might now since my dad has over 4000 twitter followers and uses that POS it more than a pre-teen girl. As you can see, I don't approve.

mshooter 0

Lol what's your dads twitter name? He must be interesting to have that many followers.

i use twitter just to follow stuff. i havent nor will i ever tweet. and the day i made it, i was bored.

lcfr822 0

i used twitter once to coordinate with friends.... now i just rant at it occassionaly at best lol

dude... I follow your dad. he's as awesome as pokemon! /-)

And he couldn't do that himself because....?

dudeitsdanny 9

He's not really interesting, just a small-time Hispanic celebrity. And I'd rather keep myself semi-anonymous so I'd rather not give his name ^^

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i follow your dad. he tweeted how he walked

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I'm sure it is. I never had to do this specifically but half of my extended family saw a pictures of my dad's genitals when they were going through his phone. 3 years later I saw 3 more pictures when I was considering buying the same phone he had and he let me look at his phone.

dudeitsdanny 9

^^^ Epic fail. You got it right the first time. Wow.

How do you accidentally upload a nude photo?

Probably he did the same mistake Gemmadelsud did when she uploaded a video about her singing "else nothing" when it was actually paparazzi. Here is the vid if anyone wants to see it

sourgirl101 28

accidently load the whole folder of photos at the same time?

SirJoseph 0

when you have to explain it to your son so he can take it off, it's an "accident" can happen if you're uploading something from your phone and by accident mark the wrong picture

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lmfao. hahhah that's why parents should be introduced to computers. it's for their own good!!!!!!!!!

That's why it's a good idea to play dumb so family doesn't go to you for their computer troubles. It may be a nasty photo now, but it's only going to get oh-so much worse!

I think this is the first time I haven't seen your comment to be full if the word "darling", lol :)

FFML_314 11

...Who's judging? I'm Just making an observation :]

Fuhohoho...I can't tell if you darlings are laughing at me or with me....

FFML_314 11

I know. I just needed to post something, so I could say darling. I'm laughing with you. Freeze doesn't laugh, he has no soul. I don't know about Ignorance.

On another note, it does surprise me how many people are aware of my patterns. Just the other day I had someone yelling at me for changing my display image. It was such a confusing little battle...Eventually I lost simply because the darling wouldn't go away otherwise.

FFML_314 11

You must be talking about, Anaxes. Don't give into him. Change your picture to whatever you want!

FFML_314 11

Good. Soulless people scare me.

*Changes image* Fuhohohoho... I assume Anaxes has harassed others as well then?

FFML_314 11

No, I just saw his post. He's special.

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You need 3 more, darling. One for each day of the week!~

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Too bad #47, because nobody actually has a soul. Lock yourself in the house and never leave again:

FFML_314 11

Go away with your "Christian bashing" ass.

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why would you take a pic like that in the first place...?

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Hey....everyone likes to keep it interesting and fresh!!!

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so im not the only one wondering tht

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that's no accident. he softly introduced you to the family jewels.

I believe the process is called 'grooming' Google it in relation to molestation and pedophelia. Rather nasty.