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By LadyJ - 21/03/2012 00:23 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, I had to tell a parent about her son kicking a boy in his class. She blamed me for not watching him. I wasn't watching him because I was turned around to care for another boy he had hit right before that. FML
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Get the school administration involved - violence points to a larger issue, and that's not something you can deal with alone.

perdix 29

You should have subdued the little terrorist before tending to his victims. He's at least a second-generation bully. Hog-tie the little bastard and make his douchebag mother take him out like yesterday's trash.


Get the school administration involved - violence points to a larger issue, and that's not something you can deal with alone.

Oh my god look st me I'm a person looking for publicity by commenting on the first comment.

beccaishereyay 11

11- what was the point of even doing that?

Looking for publicity. He just said it!

Often it's caused by issued at home. Of course his mom would turn the tables. The kid needs help before it gets worse. My older brother started the same way as a little boy. Bullied and beat me too throughout our teen years. So much anger mixed with drugs... Thanks to our abusive, later absent, father. my mother turned her cheek the whole way.

beccaishereyay 11

We all tend to try and find someone or something to blame for our faults and issues these days... Parents, drugs, pressure, media. No one says "boys will be boys" anymore they'd rather say "I blame the parents". My brother liked to run head first into walls for some reason when he was younger. He was just a little boy. They do weird shit.

22cute 17

Yes little boys do weird shit, but when it injures other students it has to stop. Classrooms are so overcrowded these days a teacher can't "watch" kids that demand this much attention. Op the best way to deal with parents is to get them on your side. Start with something positive - anything!

I can't stand parents that are in denial about their child's problems. They always think their child is perfect in every way. Someone needs to set that lady straight.

Abusive parents? Or maybe the child has anger management issues. The parent AND child definitely need to be disciplined.

School administration does shit all to help kids when it comes to bullying or violence and if they try it's the victim who gets in trouble

amberxxoo 6

Did you blame her for being a bad parent?

perdix 29

She'd just turn around and blame her own parents for making her a bad parent. There are no amateurs in the Blame Game -- if you want to play, go pro or go home.

I wonder if that would turn into a chain of blaming until somebody eventually is yelling at a Gravestone.

That was good #24

typical parent. they dont raise their kids properly and want to blame everyone else

xSonic 9

Oh what do you know? It's in the U.S ofcourse. Smh.

according to your profile, you reside in the US too so what the ****

Read his comment in his profile. Pretty much sums him up.

anarchistpunk 3

Hahaha seriously. I know that ***** the truth all too well.

Yeah, then their kids end up spoiled and disrespectful to everyone and then they think, "I was probably that he was bullied in school." or something.

perdix 29

You should have subdued the little terrorist before tending to his victims. He's at least a second-generation bully. Hog-tie the little bastard and make his douchebag mother take him out like yesterday's trash.

beccaishereyay 11

Violence is always the answer

perdix 29

With violent people, it's all they understand.

22cute 17

Violent people are created by violence at home- you just said it yourself. You can't "win" by getting sucked into playing their game.

thiscrazything 1

I see jail in the little punk's future.

Do you guys not understand Perdix's sarcasm? 99% of his comments are jokes. Come on now..

64 - Yes 39 - Because we all know bullies are also generated by domestic violence. Please don't be an ass and make unfounded assumptions, particularly as this kid hit two different kids in a row, and apparently not very severely. Furthemore, the legal guardian of a domestically abused kid nearly never blames the teacher, and pften act like a model parent, which reduces even more the likelihood of this kid being domestically abused.

22cute 17

Bullies are made by bigger bullies, my sweet Ass. The parent is blaming the teacher because parent is a spineless coward, as are ALL bullies. Responsible people are not afraid of taking some personal responsibility. The recourse of the irresponsible is blame. The kid needs discipline but, no, not a beating. Try learning a bit about child rearing and basic psychology.

That may be just a little white trash don't you think?

deadbabies 0

1: Tell the parent why you weren't watching their child. 2: If they still blame you, keep your pimp hand strong. If they understand, skip this step. 3: ?????? 4: Profit!

Why do you post your comments twice..?

deadbabies 0

Wondering the same thing. All my comments have been double posting but it shows them both being the same number, and any further replies to my comments get double posted as well. Anyone know a reason why?

Double post with double post replies. Doublepostception

Your one message quadrupled! •o•

I don't want to live on this planet anymore. :(

I do. Just because there are a few bad seeds in this world doesn't mean that living isn't worth while for the rest of us. The world has always sucked and it always will. You can't do anything about it. If you want to let this get you down, then maybe you shouldn't be on this planet.

Lol iamyummy, I believe that ICATiger is referring to a popular meme, not speaking literally.

thiscrazything 1

Thats right iamyummy, and it's up to the rest of us to make up for the rotten people and try to make this world a better place. Life is good, we have FML for entertainment.

26) thank you for understanding -_- it kinda killed it because there was a sadface though, the meme doesn't have a sad looking expression at all.

I apologize for not realizing that its a meme and for being bitchy. However, most of what I said still stands.

Damn that kids got some pride in kicking.

Kick her in the legs and say it was her fault because your mother wasn't watching you. Honestly, shit parenting these days.

Parents are so afraid of punishing their children these days. I saw a woman at Walmart pop her son on the butt for misbehaving and the woman behind her called the police AND CPS. It's bullshit. Kids are horrible brats when parents refuse to discipline them.

22cute 17

Punishment is what happens when discipline fails. Real discipline doesn't involve "popping" anyone anywhere. It does involve self discipline though, so it's not as popular as hitting.

Spanking your child with an open palm on their bottom is actually an effective form of punishment. Sometimes kids do not listen. I'm not suggesting you beat your kids ass with a belt. Although, when I was growing up if I heard "knock it off or I'm getting the belt", I would stop whatever idiocy I was doing. It was an empty but extremely effective threat. One "pop" on your kids butt isn't going to scar him/her for life. Parents needs to stop being so chicken shit when it comes to their kids. Go to any of the schools, compared to back in the 80s and 90s? They've gotten noticeably worse behaved.

When my dad said he was getting the belt it was not an empty threat. He did not use it often, but I had my share of whippings. After each one I never repeated the same offense again. No I was not afraid of my dad. I was more afraid of my mom and all she ever did was yell at me.

Haha same here, but with my mother. She used to whip me all the time when I do something wrong. I was a stubborn kid though, never learned! My dad on the other hand would make me sit through three hour lectures... Oh the good ol'days.

If I didn't listen my mother would pinch me. The belt was only for extreme punishments like writing on the wall with sharpie.

Jesus Lord. I'm glad my parents spanked me as a child. Otherwise I'd end up like so many others my age - completely useless.

There is something wrong with that kid of he is resorting to violence. It means that something else is going on in his life, most likely at home. Tell the parent that.

skyeyez9 24

Or this kid is just an asshole.