By KieRendan - 25/05/2012 19:59 - United States - Rio Rancho

Today, due to an unforeseen pipe-related incident, I had to shave my legs in my backyard fish pond, while a plumber assessed the damage to my war-zone of a bathroom. FML
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You couldn't just skip one day? I think fish pond legs are worse than stubble.

iluvevil01 11

Can't you go a day without shaving your legs? Or just wear long pants?


You couldn't just skip one day? I think fish pond legs are worse than stubble.

Oasispetro1 4

That's what I was thinking. I wouldn't mind skipping a day, but my leg hair is very light blonde and almost nonexistent. It may be different for OP if her leg hair is darker, but I still don't see how the urge to shave her legs was so strong that she had to do it in a fish pond.... :P

SobrietyKills 14

What did the fish ever do to you to deserve that?

allenye818 2

That's sick! If this FML is real, op is probably going to develop a flesh eating bacteria.

Or she could use a neighbor's shower. Or a gym shower. Or a relative's shower. Or some other water source that would not disrupt animals.

Ever thought about getting waxed op? I think it would be better than using a fish pond :0

Kitchen sink? I doubt her shower and fish pond were the only water sources around.

InOthrWords 12

They probably had to turn off the water in her house, that's what happens when they fixed the pipes at my house.

aruam365 24

This may be because I'm a nursing student, but all I can think about is the risk of infection. Any time you shave, you get tiny nicks in the skin even if you can't see or feel them. Exposing them to dirty pond water by using it to shave is asking for a nasty infection!

Or she could have just shaved her legs without using water. It isn't a great way of shaving, but I'd rather shave dry legs than use filthy pond water!

iluvevil01 11

Can't you go a day without shaving your legs? Or just wear long pants?

Maybe she did go a day or a few without shaving and she needs to shave. Also I stole all her long pants. They may not be as sassy as mine but they fit pretty good.

Or she could have just shaved using lotion.

TarieBoo 2

that comment is so thought provoking and deep._.

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gurly98 13

22 I would thumbs this up a million times if I could

Sparks808 10

That was quite sassy of you, I liked it.

Damn, no wonder my damn weed is missing from my damn backyard. Way to kill my damn profits MrSassypants D;

Sarah_moustache 9

Did the fish nibble on your toes? That would tickle..

I stuck my finger in a fish tank once. It tickled. Until the piranha swam up.

peachesncreem 21

People pay lots of money for that kind of treatment in spas around Asia. The fish are supposed to eat off your dead skin on your feet. I'm too scared to try the pond with the big fish. They look like they could bite my whole foot off :/

Yumm im sure the fish loved the little bits of hair.

mrlopez 13

I can't think of another term other than "slimy smooth". That's so unheard of, I know.

I can think of a million better ways to get hairless legs than to go outside and use fish pond water.

mykalt18 2

Sitting on the counter and using the kitchen sink did not occur to you I guess?

Did it not occur to you that maybe her water is turned off while the plumber's working?...