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Today, while working as a barista, a customer yelled about her muffins and butter not being ready since she only had a "short time to eat". There were 7 tip giving customers ahead of her, but I rushed her order. She gave no tip and stayed for over an hour. FML
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It's sad how rude some people can be even when you try and do something nice for them.


Man people will do anything to be first sorry OP.

First comes first served. I would've politely ask her to wait just like everyone else. No special treatment for rude entitled people, that's just enabling them.

Hey! Then why'd you post under #1 and get your comment above all the others in front of you? :P

Once again I find myself wishing we could up vote the staff...

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my bf and I were at dunkin donuts he paid for his order and I was waiting to place mine. I was ignored while the little punk made an iced coffee for the lady behind me. and then he didn't even charge her. I was nothing less than peeved.

@26- you're completely right. Honest mistake though, I was up too late reading FML's :) if it's possible to do so, staffer should delete my prior comment.

It's sad how rude some people can be even when you try and do something nice for them.

as someone who works in fast food, customers are either: -rarely nice/pleasant/indifferent -needessly retarded -assholes

If only we could stop putting warning labels on stuff...

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I always try to be pleasant to anyone serving me if you are less than friendly and have a shitty attitude, well you'll get treated just the same.

Too bad the servers don't have the leisure of doing so. They could get fired if some nuthead customer complaints.

I feel you OP, just remember who she is in case she returns and focus on making the others happy.

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At least you made an effort to be polite

Actually it was rude to skip the other customers in the first place

#11 I'm pretty sure time management was in play. The woman said she had a short amount of time to eat before having to venture out, so op prioritizes her order.

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it's still very, very rude to the others that also have somewhere to go and were able to wait.

I would've made her wait anyway. First come, first serve.

I would have taken more time to serve her. The customers ahead of her were there first, they're expecting as much service.

Isn't that why there's a line? To serve people in that order? I feel worse for those that got skipped. Their time is valuable too.

Some people will do just about anything to get what they want. And it truly disgusts me

That's not always a bad thing though.

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It is a bad thing when you take advantage of others to get what you want.

Wow. Sorry to hear that OP. Maybe there's a better costumer ahead!?

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lol there would almost have to be.

I don't think costumers have anything to with rude customers.