By Anonymous Baker - 10/06/2019 04:43

Today, I got a write-up because I told my boss that it was impossible to have pies, which have a bake time of 1 hour, ready for a customer who wanted them in the next 15 to 20 minutes. Then, when the customer got there and the pies were still in the oven, I got a second write-up for wasting time. FML
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By IStillHaveMy8hrShiftToGo - This FML is from back in 2014 but it's good stuff - United States - Beaverton

Today, I came in to work early at a restaurant to help out. I stocked, baked pies for the next day, cleaned and set over 50 tables, and vacuumed the entire two stories. When I went to send an order for the first customer of mine, I realized I hadn't even clocked on. Four and half hours of work wasted. FML
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Your boss doesn’t know how long it takes to bake a pie?

He is like a general store manager with no bakery experience

Isn’t it common sense? If someone with pie experience says it takes a hour to bake, why wouldn’t you believe them? That doesn’t sound like an unreasonable time span.

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Your boss is clearly "Baked" himself.

ViviMage 38

I'd love to see the pee test to prove how baked!

ViviMage 38

Doesn't your boss know the basics of his own establishment? How can he write you up for stating a basic fact? Or TRYING to comply with her request. She needs to pick a ready made pie you can offer, or go to another store. Or turn the heat WAAAAAAYYYY up and burn the pie on pur -- I mean shorten the baking time!

If the job is worth keeping, I agree with others... fight it. If not, get a better job where the rules make sense ... not where they are made up for the boss’ convenience or mood swings.

samomaha 17

Normally I would agree with you. But a job with a manager this stupid is not worth keeping. Unless it is the only job within an hour of home, and there are absolutely no other jobs at all. This is a job to quit. Before the manager writes OP up for starting their shift at the start of their shift or something equally ridiculous.

If there's an HR department, go there. But it sounds like you work for something smaller so I'd say the him to do his impossible shit himself and go with for the competition.