By Chels - United States
Today, I had an elderly man come to my cash register. His total came to $15.50 He handed me $5 in nickels and dimes. A full roll of quarters. Before I could take the roll, he bust it open, making me count it. After that was all counted he was 50 cents short. So he handed me a $10 bill. FML
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By  tick_tock  |  0

As a former cashier, I can personally sympathize with this FML. This is the epitome of the crap that cashiers go through on a daily basis.

Being a cashier in many ways made me hate humanity, therefore I had to quit to keep my sanity.

  aifen7053  |  1

Same here dude. They did that to me all the time. EVEN WORSE since I live on a border town "do you take mexican money?" makes it even more difficult :/

By  Jimboom  |  11

I hope you took the £10 bill and gave him his change back in said nickels. And then every time you had a handful of his change you just dropped it all on the ground!