By Rory - 14/04/2012 22:19 - Canada - Toronto

Today, despite the fact that I'm really sick, my mom insisted that I come home and help babysit my cousins this weekend. When I got there, everyone else took off to do "errands," leaving me with three hyperactive, howler monkey-like children to deal with. FML
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Fall asleep and have them mess up the whole house and wait until your parents get home and just say "I told you I wasn't feeling good"

erockinthesuburb 17

Quick, get some bananas!


erockinthesuburb 17

Quick, get some bananas!

Take them to the zoo…

A spoonful of sugar!!! That'll make you feel better.

Oh Well I'm not a huge marry poppins fan, even though I got the cd and saw the show in Radio City

jordyxjigsaw 11

I'd call them to come back to their children then get up and leave.

She expected to "help babysit", not be all my herself.

learn how to say no!

Your mother is a...................very nice lady...not really

chickenwalrus 14

"not really".. oh i couldnt tell.

3 period spamming is so overrated.

KiddNYC1O 20


Fall asleep and have them mess up the whole house and wait until your parents get home and just say "I told you I wasn't feeling good"

Michael_92 20

I love how most of us give advice as if this is currently happening and not a few days old. lol

Give them the meds you need for your sickness and knock their butts out. (Jk). Sorry for your luck op. it has happened to me. I guess consider it practice for parenthood.

Unless OP doesn't want kids.

or reason to practice safe sex!!

That's when you become one of these howler monkey-like abominations and get someone else stuck with babysitting.

Your goddamn fault for evening going home.

Her mother made her

I have to agree its her fault. She could have simply said no. Plus, ive learned that when people mention "help," they are really asking u to do it urself while they do something else. Thats y if ppl ask if i can "help" them w something, i say no due to my experience.

10 - 'Evening?' I think a better word to use would be 'even.' It fits into the context a whole lot better unless you were trying to make some type of pun in which I believe you failed . . . miserably.

kelseynikolee_ 7

Well, make the best out of it!

Trisha_aus 15

Sounds like a fun thing though, don't fall asleep..when you wake up one of them might be fondling your breasts

Or running around in circles screaming, "Woo woo woo" . . . or masturbating. You never know what kind of kids OP may be dealing with.

You should sit on the couch and do nothing because your too sick to get up, it's not your fault your sick.