By Rory - 14/4/2012 22:19 - Canada - Toronto
Today, despite the fact that I'm really sick, my mom insisted that I come home and help babysit my cousins this weekend. When I got there, everyone else took off to do "errands," leaving me with three hyperactive, howler monkey-like children to deal with. FML
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  loludunnomeee  |  18

It's horrible that they left you in charge, but you sound surprised that they left and put you in charge. They called you over to babysit right? It would sound better if you left out "when I got there everyone else took off to do 'errands'" and just say "I'm now stuck with..."

  kawaiisakura  |  12

I have to agree its her fault. She could have simply said no. Plus, ive learned that when people mention "help," they are really asking u to do it urself while they do something else. Thats y if ppl ask if i can "help" them w something, i say no due to my experience.

  l0v3p4in  |  7

10 - 'Evening?' I think a better word to use would be 'even.' It fits into the context a whole lot better unless you were trying to make some type of pun in which I believe you failed . . . miserably.