By Rory - Canada - Toronto
Today, despite the fact that I'm really sick, my mom insisted that I come home and help babysit my cousins this weekend. When I got there, everyone else took off to do "errands," leaving me with three hyperactive, howler monkey-like children to deal with. FML
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  kawaiisakura  |  12

I have to agree its her fault. She could have simply said no. Plus, ive learned that when people mention "help," they are really asking u to do it urself while they do something else. Thats y if ppl ask if i can "help" them w something, i say no due to my experience.

  l0v3p4in  |  7

10 - 'Evening?' I think a better word to use would be 'even.' It fits into the context a whole lot better unless you were trying to make some type of pun in which I believe you failed . . . miserably.