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  ZleveL  |  0

I can imagine somebody complaining about random shit and then somebody throw a staples button at their head to knock 'em out and then it says, "that was easy" :)

  Reyo  |  2

Believe it or not, I'd much rathor be in your situation. My Wisdom teeth have started to come in and are impacting the shit out of my back teeth. The best part is my parents are too fucking cheap to have the surgery done now...WHILE IT'S STILL CHEAP! Your situation will be gone within a week...mine won't.

Somehow, they have it in their heads that a poor college student will be able to afford the $2000 faster than 2 middle class parents.

  xFaust_fml  |  12

46: 2000$???

I don't remember well, but it cost me less than 100€ per tooth, and it was completely reimbursed by social security anyway.

OP: you're not supposed to undergo surgery while sick...

  piinkbunnii  |  1

That's what I was thinking, if you have a cold or flu, you are not supposed to get any type of shot!!!

You might be put under anasthesia, or get a numbing solution. So this problem can be easily fixed, CANCEL THE APPOINTMENT!!

  AziraLevana  |  2

To those suggesting she change the appointment: OP's in Australia and IF she's been on a waiting list for the dental hospital, she could wait months or years for another appointment - or else she'll have to pay for it herself since dental isn't covered by public health - the only ones who get to use the dental hospital are those with Health Care Cards - in other words, people who are poor. A lot of folks here can't afford dental care. I actually know a guy who literally took to his own mouth with pliers and removed his own tooth because he couldn't afford a dentist, but wasn't "poor enough" for a HCC. It's messed up.

  Zitroaneleh  |  0

That's roughly US$175.00 then? That's really cheap. OP's estimate is pretty much right on.

Reimbursement? What's that? Meh. Not here. The whole dental system is a pretty lucrative racket, IMHO.


If you are getting your wisdom teeth extracted, most likely the oral surgeon will use anesthesia to knock you out. If you have a cold or any type of virus, the surgery will be postponed. So have fun getting your wisdom teeth taken out next month instead :)

  n_maher  |  0

Totally, agree fyl op, the pain killers and antibiotics will clear up the tummy pain and the cold anyways, things are looking up, now go make someone cook you some soup or something. :D