By anonymous - 10/12/2015 02:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I've become so accustomed to finding my sister drunk or otherwise passed out in the same spot in the living room that every time I go in there, I instinctively lift my feet higher as though to step over her, even when she's not there. FML
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Just use her as a piece of furniture to embellish your living room if she's knocked out that often.


Just use her as a piece of furniture to embellish your living room if she's knocked out that often.

I'm assuming the OP's sister is legally an adult. It can be very hard (or nearly impossible) to get an addict to admit that they have a problem, and harder to get them to accept help. I feel for you OP. I hope your sister eventually sees the light and recovers.

My dad has the same problem. I think he's sober maybe a week and a half outa each month. He refuses to believe that he has a problem. Even after being diagnosed with Hep C and Cirosis (SP?) of his liver. He claims that the tests were false positives, "it could have been just a bad image". He sees a doctor specializing in Hep C and has this doctor convinced that he has been sober for almost a year so that he can get treatment, or as my dad calls it his liver pills.

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OP that's a pretty serious matter. You're her family, try to support her and maybe get her to quit. Being an alcoholic is no joke

I think that she needs some help, if she's drinking that much and passing out.

It's a common misconception that passed out relatives are in the way. Add some fun colors to her by using water colors and turn your problem into a creative decoration instead. Perhaps red in the spirit of Christmas!

Maybe you should drive to seek your sister some AA meetings or maybe an alcoholic recovery clinic before it's for too late for my father had passed away due to complications with alcohol

Put your foot down and confront your sister about her problem.

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I can very specifically burgle your house. Just as long as your sister isn't there first, you'll never know.

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Try to get your sister some help.