By Poordaughter5 - 06/07/2016 17:21 - Germany

Today, my parents watched a horror movie with some creepy child in it. Apparently, I sound just like that kid when I call for my mom, so now she doesn't want me to call her mom anymore. FML
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Just record your self saying Mom over and over again loop it then put a speaker in there room and at night play it to freak her out OP

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Call her a chicken instead then


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I'm probably gonna regret asking this but what was the movie? Also, call her mummy, instead. And then just ask her "Are you my mummy?" XD

I'll bet my money that it was "Goodnight mommy" (ich seh ich seh)

And once she is used to that, introduce her to The Doctor.

drayloon 50

Call her a chicken instead then

MetalxSoldier 26

Just call her by her name. Then see how long it takes until she asks you to call her mom again.

Agreed. From the age of 16, I was calling my mom by name and eventually she asked to be called mom again. The simple reason is that it made her feel older.

I call my mother by her name. can't help it though. growing up my grandmother was living with us and all I heard her saying was my mom's name so I did it and now it's stuck that way.

Just record your self saying Mom over and over again loop it then put a speaker in there room and at night play it to freak her out OP

mariri9206 32

THIS. Do this. Your parents unintentionally helped you set up the perfect prank. lol

I have a wildly overactive imagination, to the point where I can't watch a paranormal horror movie trailer. If my child did this to me, she'd be without any privileges until I could sleep again without issues. To some it may be a funny prank, to others it may cause major damage. A good prank should not involve mind games.

You get to the point where you can't sleep with the lights off, jump at every noise, and become so sleep deprived that you can no longer function properly. And I know it may not be the norm, but I know at least 2 others that this can happen too from physiological mind games like this. So no, in my case, not an overreaction. If my daughter were to put a sheet of plastic across the toilet, or a bucket of water over the door, I'd laugh, get her to help me clean it up, and be done with it. But to **** with someone's head with this suggested prank can be really cruel.

It's nice to see the community respects mental issues. And we wonder why people don't talk about them. :(

mariri9206 32

Mandie, I can understand where you're coming from but not everyone has an overactive imagination. Also, no one is saying to do it every night for weeks or months - that would be a mind game - but once, on one night, should be fine. I definitely think a prank like this wouldn't be a good idea if they decided to do it every night over a long period of time because, then, it's not a prank. That is when it becomes hurtful and mean and trying to really mess someone up and mess with their psyche and mental health. I don't do well with the movie The Exorcist and I've seen it three times to try to get over it. It didn't happen so I stopped after the third time. And the first time I saw it, I couldn't sleep properly for three years. However, I've had some (now former) friends from high school show me one of those pop up videos where her face showed up unexpectedly and, yeah, it freaked me out and it made me think about it when I went to sleep for some time and, so, I thought I saw her everywhere in my room but I got over it. I moved on. It didn't scar me for life. If it's once, it should be fine. If it's done regularly, then you're trying to really mess them up and that's not okay.

Notice how I use words like "I" and "my" and "some people"? I never said that everyone has an overactive imagination, I said I did. I said I have major issues with this. I said for some people this "prank" would be a cruel mind game that could make life miserable for a while. I understand not all people are like this. I also said what punishment I would dole out to my daughter if she did something like this to me, I also said that in MY case it was not an overreaction. This affects me. I do know others that this affects as well. As I already said, to some this may be a funny prank. But I don't think pranks should **** with your mind. A prank is meant to be funny. If it's not funny, it's cruel. Regardless, I'm done here.

muuuummmmy, muuummmmmmy are you my mummy?

Try calling her "mother" very sternly and formally. She'll crack pretty soon!

There is a movie called 'Mama'. Call your mom 'mama'. After a few days, show her the movie 'mama'. You can then go back to calling her 'mom' then.

She'll hopefully only stick to this for a couple of days and will get over her fear :)