By goodlkjh - 24/04/2019 14:00 - South Africa

Today, my mom decided it was a good idea to put a camera in my room so I could be watched at all times, to make sure I'm behaving. I'm 14. FML
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bloopaloop 27

Masturbate furiously

Masturbate furiously...and look at the camera.


Forevor_a_potato 6

Isn't that illegal..?

goodlkjh 6

nope , not in South Africa 😂 its security cameras but she ended up not putting them in 🤪

Good. Otherwise I imagine that camera would suffer a mysterious failure soon after being installed.

nope regardless of what kind of camera it is that camera would suffer a mysterious failure shortly after installation... or mysteriously be mistaken as a coat hanger

xxWTFxx1981 23

tell mommy that's kind of pervy... I mean bars on the windows, bedroom checks and a mirror view of kids computer, phone and tablet on your own device perfectly reasonable lol

bloopaloop 27

Masturbate furiously

Masturbate furiously...and look at the camera.

Then you’ll just have to sneak into her room to jerk off. After picking up wads of gooey Kleenex, she’ll take away the cams and allow your room to be the den of iniquity! Remember: with great power cums great responsibility.

AddictgirL 7

your mom is overprotective bitch #sorrynotsorry

That's not being protective, that's being a creepy control freak.

That is highly illegal, regardless of what country you live....

tounces7 27

It would be illegal under child pornography laws because obviously he's going to be naked in his room at some point and the camera is going to record it. And yes, that one applies pretty universally around the world.

Child pornography is way a too serious issue to call that situation child pornography. That is more a privacy or an education issue. You don’t expect the mother to sell the videos or ********** to it.

EmDizzle2007 28

hack it.

is that a deterrent or an encouragement o **********

Phil 14

I'm going to guess that your family(at least your mother)is uber religious; and wants to save you from the "sin" of Oninism(masturbation). Of course as with most things, the fundamentalists have got it totally wrong...again.

tounces7 27

Your mom is super religious, isn't she?