By Christen - 19/02/2009 21:11 - United States

Today, I walked out of the bathroom when two guys were checking me out and said "nice tail" I smiled and strutted to my next class. When I was about to sit down in my desk, the girl behind me said "did you know you have toilet paper hanging out of your pants?" FML
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track_cheetah 0

wow i would have checked myself after they said "nice tail"

what do you expected when they said "nice tail" ?


track_cheetah 0

wow i would have checked myself after they said "nice tail"

Better check yo self before you wreck yo self

what do you expected when they said "nice tail" ?

aeshleyrose 6

Apparently in Kentucky this is a flattering compliment. After some assholes said "Nice tail" she struts to her next class like she's proud of something? Wow. OP sounds like a modern, self-respecting woman. $50 says she turns out to be a stripper or one of the Real Housewives.

33 - No one cares

I could never understand how people actually manage to do that. Did you stuff it into your pants yourself?

alwaysalady 0

I have never had this happen, or seen it happen. If it did happen to you, you have the most ridicules talent I've heard of.

Dr_Phil 0

I don't understand how you get toilet paper stuck to your ass and not notice. Can anyone explain this to me? I mean, you wipe, then drop the toilet paper into the toilet ... how do you not notice that it's stuck to your ass?

The thing is, I've SEEN people do this, and I'm still not entirely sure how it happens. Even getting TP stuck to the bottom of your shoe... it happens, yes, it's more common, yes. But how do you not notice? Also, *agrees w/#19*

Hahahahahahahaha this is hilarious:P how did you not think to look when they said TAIL i dont think anyone would say nice TAIL and actually mean nice ass... to number 2

.......HAH. Wow. Embarrasing!

i would be slapped for sucha a comment knowing my school

How the crap do u do that??