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Today, while waiting in line at Gamestop, another customer and the cashier started chatting about how Pokémon is for kids, and anyone over 10 who's into it is weird. Embarrassed, I put the new Pokémon game back on the shelf and snuck out of the store. FML
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I wouldve walked right up and said how much is this game?


I wouldve walked right up and said how much is this game?

OP Should buy games online from now on

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Who ******* cares what they think? Go buy that game and defeat Team Plasma, non-nostalgic cashier or not!

i think he should find out when that cashiers shifts are and ask about the same pokemon game everytime hes on shift

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New game?????? :D What is this wondrous thing you speak of ??

Ydi for being embarassed about liking Pokemon.

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Team plasma? Wtf happened to team rocket?!? O.o Shows how long it's been since I've played pokemon....

I'm 16 and still love to play pokemon for nostalgia. it reminds me of the fml about the kid who dreamt that he caught a shiny charmander (impossible as there are no wild charmander

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when they give you the "Stank" look, smile and say "my brother's birthday is in two days." (:

You could have just pretended it was for a younger sibling or your kid.

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normally not giving a **** goes a long way in these situations!

Who care what the **** a cashier at Gamestop thinks. He's a cashier at Gamestop.

YDI for not complaining to their boss, saying how it lost/almost lost them a sale.

2- All games at Gamestop have the price right on the cover. Derp.

The pokemon games are the best games eer to be created for a gameboy

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Op you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are! Everyone has different interests, otherwise we'd be grey blobs living in houses that all look the same and doing the same thing as everyone else. Go back and buy your Pokémon game with pride!

You should have gone up there, and while buying it, say SQUIRTLE!! and spit on the cashier.

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Say it's for your little brother.

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You can breed to get a shiny Charmander.

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Why would you care what people think in the first place? SHOW OFF YOUR POKEMON GAMER PRIDE!!! SELF CONFINDENCE, I CHOOSE YOU. yeah..... You get the point :D

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Cashier used Taunt! OP fled! Got away safely!

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155- ur mistaken it's usually on the same or on the shelf(: get facts straight gosh...or u can go and do what 2 mentioned :D

All you pokemon lovers need to grow the hell up.

268- no we don't, you need to quit trolling the internet

264- At least at all the Gamestops I've gone to have the price slapped right on the upper righthand corner of every single game case. I don't know what store you've gone to, but it wasn't like the ones I've gone to. Maybe they're just cheaper and not as well managed? Idk.

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Agreed 71 if u really are that embarrassed when u pay for it just say something like, "is it possible to get this giftwrapped???" totally covers ur but! Lol good luck!

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196, am I reading a Fairly Odd Parents connection here? :D Or is it just me?

OP live by this creed cause I do: **** the World and Enjoy it :D

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I used to love it as a kid on the Gameboy Color and watching the TV show with the original 150...good times

#2 if your thumbs up were Spartans you could fight off the Persians...just saying

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OP. Don't be ashamed of Pokémon. Pokémon should be ashamed of YOU!!!!

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And everyone with pokemon profile pics slowly creep out of the FML woodwork.

Pokémon shall live forever*! *Until humanity dies out

I'm confused about this massive positive response to Pokemon. Where I come from, it's made fun of, not worshipped.

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Pokemon Is only good for nostalgia. Zelda was my favorite nitendo game or maybe Mario.

That is historically incorrect. The 300 Spartans were known for their bravery in that battle, not for actually winning it. All of them died.

57 - Pokemon Veteran hahaha I feel old without being old :P

The only time this is acceptable is if the cashier is hot. Otherwise, Man up.

268 was a deprived child. Go back to your YU-GI-OH you blubbering ****.

I reckon, FYL! the clerk at the video game store is a jaded loser who can't embrace their inner kid... Yet at the same time aren't mature enough for a ******* clerk job... the FYL part only stands because the poor customer service and lack of maturity the clerk displayed caused you to leave without a game you would quite obviously enjoy...

If I were u I would hav stayed in line and sung "gotta catch em all" loudly with passion

Would have been a great opportunity to handle it like a baws OP. Too bad you bitched out.

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The games are good, it's the show that's weird.

On the contrary I was not at all deprived I spent my childhood building show cars not playing stupid little card games.

I could understand the embarrassment if you were into Digimon, but Pokemon? No way.

Damn I meant to thumb down -_- it's harder to thumb down with my itouch

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Pokemon is amazing, no one should be embarrassed :D

Anyone else miss the good days when you would wake up at 7 on Saturdays just to watch the old Pokemon show? It was pretty dope.

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Cashier: I see you are still playing pokemon Me: I see you're still working at gamestop now do you have change for a twenty

haha I'm 19 and I fkn love pokemon xD maybe i don't play it like indid when inwas a kid but it's perfect when bored or during a long ride :p

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Loser. I'm 20 and I grew up on Pokémon. I would've bought it anyway and been damn proud!

Omg look at all the likes! Thanks guys/girls lol

I Sinnoh problem with this. Hoenn the rite mind hates Pokémon? Unova game is pretty good. I Kanto wait for the next one. Johto it's good, you can't deny it! :)

My purchase of Alice: MR, Dead Space 2, and White version got strange looks. :-/

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I would like to take this moment to inform OP that I purchased a Pokemon game today with him in mind.

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You can get one from the start if you try enough times

wait if they are no wild charmanders wtf did I just put in my pokeball?!?!

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Everybody at my skool plays pokemon. I'm embarrased cuz I'm the only one who plays mario.

Today, after reading all the supportive comments on FML, I succumbed to peer pressure and pussied out of posting an anti-pokemon comment. FML

that moment when you pick up the game after not playing it for months and you battle your rival and find out you named him D BAG

i have been playing pokemon since the original gameboy. :)

Lol your my hero pokemon is freaking epic

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Pokémon is why I continue to live!! I may be young, but I don't care what anyone says! Pokémon will never be "retarded" or "dumb". We gotta catch 'em all!!!

Pokemon rocks, and Brock's a rock pokemon trainer. A coincidence or a really awesome pun? The world may never know...

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Kari931 I love your profile picture where did you find it

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I don't think pokemon is retarded, actually its frusteratingly fun. I think its still for younger genarations though. Every child needs the joy of their first pokemon. Mine was Treeko. I ******* adored that thing

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i used to like pokemon then i turned 7

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Three words: Get a life. I assume all of you are over 17. Your an adult and you like Pokemon? So are you whacking off to a Pokemon character instead of a real girl? And OP, YDI for being an immature bastard.

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#340- THANK YOU! omg, what a bunch of freaking LOSERS on here. Pokemon is almost as gay as the freakin telletubbies. Thanks for speakin the truth 340. Have these kids ever seen a body of the opposite sex? wtfff.. Grow up.

#3 so does my little pony friendship is magic, speaking of which any brines here???

#166 the monsters are getting more and more exotic till the extend that they look almost the same.

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Just because someone likes pokemon, or anything else for that matter, doesn't coincide with the need to whackoff to it. Calm down, ladies.

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Well LadyLexi, I just read your "About Me" and it mentioned that you respect people who aren't afraid to express themselves... Well what's with the hate?? I love pokemon! Doesn't mean I don't have a life! Show some respect you hypocrite!

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340, you're "an adult" and can't use the proper form of your/you're? Don't be such a judgmental dick.

Wow, really angry Pokemon hate and awful assumptions about others. I have a boyfriend and we both play Pokemon. When I'm over 17, I don't want to meet up with my friends over lunch so I can have a bitchfest about all of the energetic or gaming activities younger people do. I wanna meet up by going to the movies, water bomb fights, game sessions, laser tag fights and bloody paintball. Grow down, stop being such snobs.

Hey, #377 it's called not giving a shit how old you are and still loving what you loved as a kid, no matter what. I grew up on Pokemon. I even had a stuffed Pikachu that jumped around if you pulled its tail when I was two. Maybe you need to grow down and stop acting like a snob.

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Your photo+your comment=epicness

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ahhh yes he apparently has no father. damn you ******* fatherless pokemon players!!!!!!!!!!!

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Squirtle use iron defence! Squitrtle use water gun... Squirtle what were you doin in your shell a secomd ago?

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Marry me? You are amazing and I want our children to be freaken awesome :3

If he declines, I'm the next pokemon loving guy in line :)

I've always viewed it as a kissing face. I'm probably wrong though. Google it.

Actually, it's one of those Japanese "kawaii" faces.

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87, I think they say it like that because when pikachu screams it's name the lightning makes that "T" sound.

I would thumb that up, but you spelled Pikachu wrong. You're now dead to me.

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OP did it come with a free pokeball? Bc the one I got did(:

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

As long as it's a master ball :D

Surprisingly, the game(s) (Black or White Version) actually gets challenging at the end. No spoilers. Hehe.

Stfu bitch pokémon is for pros of all ages.

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Wow. Adults that whack off to virtual characters who are possible transsexual (in my point of view they are :P) instead of getting laid by a real girl. Pathetic.

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Hey, we like to relive our child hood so **** off.

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Why does everyone keep associating games with sex.... It's really irrelevant and I see no connection.

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By the look of your profile picture, YOU seem to be transexual :P All hail pokemon!

Either way, she is definitely not attractive.

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Nobody is too old for pokèmon.

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LadyLexi is a bitter ***** who doesn't understand nostolgia or having an "inner child."

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480 - No, I just chose to grow up. I don't escape my life in Pokemon fantasies.

Way to be judgemental ladylexi. ******* hypocrite, I read your profile, and it has hypocriticism all over it. Explain please.

drawmesunshine 17

LadyLexi, no, I imagine you escape your life with promiscuity, and trust me, honey, Pokemon trumps being a *****.

drawmesunshine 17

I don't understand why my comment was moderated. I've seen comments that criticised and insulted people in far more crass manners. I simply stated my impression of how LadyLexi "escapes her life" with promiscuity instead of Pokemon. I respectfully request an explanation.

You can't catch em all with the game on the shelf! Forget about your pride, get back in there, and start throwing those poke balls.

Try catching a level 70+ Pokémon with Ultra Balls. It sucks, well, ultra balls. You'll get it in one try or 23784683 tries, depending on how lucky you are. :( |the kid|

RpiesSPIES 27

I've caught a Mewtwo in Pokemon Yellow with a Great Ball. Granted, my Blastoise froze it with Blizzard, but the odds are still not bad ;D