By Anonymous - United States
Today, while waiting in line at Gamestop, another customer and the cashier started chatting about how Pokémon is for kids, and anyone over 10 who's into it is weird. Embarrassed, I put the new Pokémon game back on the shelf and snuck out of the store. FML
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  marmlr339  |  14

OP Should buy games online from now on

  zombicidal  |  11

I'm 16 and still love to play pokemon for nostalgia. it reminds me of the fml about the kid who dreamt that he caught a shiny charmander (impossible as there are no wild charmander

  LiveLaughFML  |  10

when they give you the "Stank" look, smile and say "my brother's birthday is in two days." (:

  Sonfang  |  19

Op you shouldn't be ashamed of who you are! Everyone has different interests, otherwise we'd be grey blobs living in houses that all look the same and doing the same thing as everyone else. Go back and buy your Pokémon game with pride!

  LiyIa_fml  |  8

Why would you care what people think in the first place? SHOW OFF YOUR POKEMON GAMER PRIDE!!! SELF CONFINDENCE, I CHOOSE YOU. yeah..... You get the point :D

  2low2tow  |  3

All you pokemon lovers need to grow the hell up.

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

264- At least at all the Gamestops I've gone to have the price slapped right on the upper righthand corner of every single game case. I don't know what store you've gone to, but it wasn't like the ones I've gone to. Maybe they're just cheaper and not as well managed? Idk.

  MissBoo101  |  0

Agreed 71 if u really are that embarrassed when u pay for it just say something like, "is it possible to get this giftwrapped???" totally covers ur but! Lol good luck!

  ziepher  |  3

I reckon, FYL! the clerk at the video game store is a jaded loser who can't embrace their inner kid... Yet at the same time aren't mature enough for a fucking clerk job... the FYL part only stands because the poor customer service and lack of maturity the clerk displayed caused you to leave without a game you would quite obviously enjoy...

  DalekScythe  |  0

I Sinnoh problem with this. Hoenn the rite mind hates Pokémon? Unova game is pretty good. I Kanto wait for the next one. Johto it's good, you can't deny it! :)

  Sunny_Eclipse  |  6

Pokémon is why I continue to live!!
I may be young, but I don't care what anyone says!
Pokémon will never be "retarded" or "dumb".
We gotta catch 'em all!!!

  emodude44  |  0

I don't think pokemon is retarded, actually its frusteratingly fun.
I think its still for younger genarations though. Every child needs the joy of their first pokemon.
Mine was Treeko. I fucking adored that thing

  LadyLexi  |  0

Three words: Get a life.
I assume all of you are over 17. Your an adult and you like Pokemon? So are you whacking off to a Pokemon character instead of a real girl?
And OP, YDI for being an immature bastard.

  JHS9109  |  6

THANK YOU! omg, what a bunch of freaking LOSERS on here.
Pokemon is almost as gay as the freakin telletubbies.

Thanks for speakin the truth 340.
Have these kids ever seen a body of the opposite sex? wtfff..
Grow up.

  NotAPedo  |  0

Well LadyLexi, I just read your "About Me" and it mentioned that you respect people who aren't afraid to express themselves... Well what's with the hate?? I love pokemon! Doesn't mean I don't have a life! Show some respect you hypocrite!


Wow, really angry Pokemon hate and awful assumptions about others. I have a boyfriend and we both play Pokemon.

When I'm over 17, I don't want to meet up with my friends over lunch so I can have a bitchfest about all of the energetic or gaming activities younger people do.

I wanna meet up by going to the movies, water bomb fights, game sessions, laser tag fights and bloody paintball.

Grow down, stop being such snobs.

  SummerFever  |  8

Hey, #377 it's called not giving a shit how old you are and still loving what you loved as a kid, no matter what. I grew up on Pokemon. I even had a stuffed Pikachu that jumped around if you pulled its tail when I was two. Maybe you need to grow down and stop acting like a snob.

  LadyLexi  |  0

Wow. Adults that whack off to virtual characters who are possible transsexual (in my point of view they are :P) instead of getting laid by a real girl. Pathetic.

  drawmesunshine  |  17

I don't understand why my comment was moderated. I've seen comments that criticised and insulted people in far more crass manners. I simply stated my impression of how LadyLexi "escapes her life" with promiscuity instead of Pokemon. I respectfully request an explanation.

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Try catching a level 70+ Pokémon with Ultra Balls. It sucks, well, ultra balls.

You'll get it in one try or 23784683 tries, depending on how lucky you are. :(

|the kid|