By Anonymous - 25/09/2011 16:15 - United States

Today, I bought a UV light so I could detect cat pee, since I was sure my cat was relieving herself on the carpet. I decided to try it out in the living room first. Nearly half the room lit up like a Christmas tree. FML
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You have a gross pussy :D

boarder540 12

Sure it's cat piss?


Well, now ya know

Damn_Hippster 11

Thats good right? I mean, that was the whole reason why you bought the light. Good investment OP!


Search "blacklight WKUK" on YouTube. I promise you won't regret watching it.

lbumbblebee 5

YDI for not properly training your pet op.

And knowing is half the battle!

LiyIa_fml 8

1. Least you know the light works. 2. Ew, don't you ever clean? Might wanna check your bedroom while you're at it....

Jizz also glows under UV. Maybe that's why OP didn't smell cat pee

At 39, searched it up. Is WKUK a show?

alliewillie 22

Cat urine smells HORRIBLE, how would you not smell it?! I hope you don't have company over - you're one of those people whose houses smell like a litter box!!

dsbs 9

Curiosity killed the cat

84-I see what you did there.

Question is... Did he write his name on the carpet?

OP how could you not smell cat piss, it smells so much like, I dunno CAT PISS.

immja 0

I know Trevor Moor. he's even more awesome in person

Sounds like a pissy christmas(;

Merry Christmas! Sorry about your pissy tree though.

Riigghhttt it's cat pee. Whatever you say...

Wait, was he not talking about jizz?

For those saying how could OP not smell the pee: my cat has potty issues too, and I always have a hard time smelling it. I have lots of allergy issues, and I'm constantly congested and blowing my nose. I have a very weak sense of smell. Usually my roommate has to let me know the place smells of pee. For those saying the cat isn't potty trained: she probably is, there just might be an underlying issue. UTI, anxiety, territorial making, etc. I suggest taking your cat to the vet in case it's something serious OP. TL;DR: some people can't smell and the cat should go to the vet.

Keep your kitty outta there, maybe?

Oh, thought it said bedroom. My bad.

Better not invite any guests over OP...

No way!! Then he won't be able to have awesome rave parties on his living room!!

You have a gross pussy :D

Will he hit him though?

Op, you would have to have been able to smell it, let alone fell it

boarder540 12

Sure it's cat piss?

Yeah it could be his soul that he spilled.

Oh a homeless man's sperm. Durn hobos climbin down chimneys and whatnot.

KayleeXLoVe21 0

Umm, deff time to get rid of that cat!!!!!!

Ummm, no way!! He can easily train it.

You take the time to add the extra f, but not finish the word?

ipodlover1995 0

Umm, deff get rid of your comment!!!

ipodlover1995 0

He shouldn't have to get rid of the cat. They're awesome!

KayleeXLoVe21 0

Umm well wpuld you want it ruining all your clothes, furnature, and carpet? Ummm i have very expensive itwms in my house i woulsnt want destroied by one animal.

Uhh you're deff not capable of spelling!!

There are many factors that can contribute to the behavioral problem that OP's cat obviously displays. Is OP changing the litter box enough? Does the cat have enough stimuli? Did something significant happen recently? For example; a move or a new baby. Correcting the problem can be as simple as giving the cat more attention. Giving away a cat should ALWAYS be the last resort! Pet's shouldn't be disposable.

crazychick1269 7

OH MY GAWD!! everyone quit being so mean let people comment what the want to comment... who cares how they spell their words?

Now you know what that mystery smell was

Your pic + comment = win!

ComeAtMeBro7 0

Your profile pic is the best thing I've ever seen.

Op, just wanted to mention that human body fluid also shows up too >p

Yeah, like blood and semen

And some ring worm spores. Don't forget those.

My comment got deleted :(

@ShyAnn29: No it didn't - it's up above. There were some comments issues in the system.

use the living as a toilet then

living room, now I am getting onehundredfifteenteen dislikes...fml

What happens to the dead, then...? D:

That's a hilarious typo, actually :-P

Now you just need lights for the other half of your living room, then it's Christmas in September for you!

No smell: Anosmic... yes, this word exists. Usually when you can't smell you can't taste either Edit: Answer to #20... it screwed up, sorry

SmittyJA24 26

Get rid of the cat ... Kill the cat ... Destroy the cat ...

FruityLoooons 8

Keep the cat... (Wtf is wrong with you?) :I

12- Somebody has issues... Don't have to spazz out on a simple pussy like that.

12- Somebody has issues... Don't have to spazz out on a simple pussy like that.

Imma bout to destroy you!