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On the down low

Today, at work, my buddy pulled up in his car. I handed him $40, and he handed me a bag. It must have looked like a drug deal, but he was actually just smuggling in the new Pokémon game for me. I'm 22, and a drug deal would probably have been less embarrassing to explain. FML
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  ColdplaySucks  |  18

I play neopets and I'm not ashamed of it. Who cares what others think of you? If your buddy knows and you're fine with, then it shouldnt be too big of a deal if others knew right?

  theartists  |  5

I actually saw a poll online about what age most people are when they were (or are) most into Pokémon.. and the majority of the votes was 21-27 years old.. So, I don't think you have much to be concerned about. You're not alone c:

  Jaxx66  |  21

I'm with everyone on this thread. I walk into the game stops with my two DS's and all my Pokemon games to pick up the new Pokemon on Nintendo wifi every time they have them available! Hell the guys there battle and trade with me, too. (And I'm 24!)

So why are you embarrassed OP? No reason to be, I personally say you should 'grow up' only in the aspect of caring what others think of the things you enjoy!

  EMW20  |  10

I only dislike Pokemon because my name is Evie (said the same way as Eevee) so people at school would say, "Evie, I choose you!"

  CinderBrick  |  13

When I was 8 I tried to sign up for Neopets, they insisted that my email was that of a hacking organization and should not be allowed to create an account on their site.

  Dr0reos  |  8

"Yo dawg what up I got dat sweet charizard dawg. Shits gon blow yo head off dawg."

please tell me I'm not the only one that imagined a Pokemon drug deal going down like that.

  tpike1296  |  11

If that was a joke, you failed. I have heard way more insulting ones that I have laughed at myself. Seriously, try harder.

If not, you still failed, we Bronies are very plentiful in number. xD

  owo_fml  |  9

Another fun fact: When Ash started his journey he was 10 years, 10 months, and 10 days old. When he started his newest journey for gen 5, it was his 10th birthday.

  iTsbSkuLLy  |  8

What's more BAWSE is figuring out how to get the power back on in sunny shore city. Took me about a week and I lost to that gym leader like 1000 times.