By Garchomp - 09/07/2013 02:08 - United States - Dodge City

Today, working my job, I had to explain to a kid that Pokemon is owned by Nintendo and they don't make it for the Xbox. Upset by this, he took hold of my leg and started biting. I'm also suspended, because his mother complained when I kicked him off me. FML
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This would have been de perfect opportunity for the HiV gag. After kicking the kid off, when the mother starts screaming say "your son just bit me, and I'm HiV positive, and walk away bleeding all over the floor

The_Water_Ninja 9

kids these days... you would think they knew this information


The_Water_Ninja 9

kids these days... you would think they knew this information

Damian95 16

Sure I mean... I wanna be, the very best, that no one ever was.

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MzZombicidal 36

I'm not really surprised he didn't know that, to be honest. With how he seems to be being raised, it's like the world caters to him. He bites a stranger in the leg? "No big deal, Mommy's going to get the bad man in trouble for upsetting her precious angel." If I were OP, I would have shown them the damn bite marks and threaten assault charges on that little bastard and his terrible excuse for a mother.

Can you really charge a young child for assault? Serious question.

Yes, #80, you can file assault charges on an underaged child, though the parent will be the one to appear in court.

That little shit and his mother SHOULD have to go to court.

astralvagan 20

#86, if we are being technical, it would depend on the state that they are in.... Some states allow as young as 12 to be tried alone, as an adult.... But that it usually only in serious felony cases

80 - if you can't press charges on the child, I'm sure you can probably sue the parent on loss of income due to their poor parenting skills.

Sony and nintendo almost had a partnership, however they had a falling out in the 90s , you have a better chance of the obama administration getting something done than pokémon on playstation

Sometimes, you can't win. Some mothers are way too overprotective

ineedalogin 19

Sometimes the kids are way too stupid

He could have shown the bite mark. Even if the boss still didn't know who started the fight, it would have been worth a try, but I'm pretty sure he would believe the kid bit first instead of the employee kicking first

It shows bad parenting. Unless stupidity can be passed down through genetics.

Cameras are everyones best friend. You can see who started it. Too bad that kid is a little piece of shit. I feel bad for a lot of kids these days, they are gonna **** up our future badly

This would have been de perfect opportunity for the HiV gag. After kicking the kid off, when the mother starts screaming say "your son just bit me, and I'm HiV positive, and walk away bleeding all over the floor

ViviMage 38

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Dude, OP could've just strolled off into the sunset. How the **** would they find him? ;)

Octwo 16

He could stroll wherever he wanted, if you read the FML you'd know he was at work. Not that hard to find out who he is.

#69: You can't sue someone for having HIV, nor for it being passed on via what would legally be classed as an assault (doesn't matter how old the child is, you couldn't legally blame OP if theoretically a virus was passed via means beyond his control). If this woman has raised her son to be such a little shit that he'd bite a stranger because he didn't like something he was told, then she pretty much deserves whatever it might cost her. It might make her realise that she needs to teach her kid some manners. Or, you know... human decency.

UnluckyGenius 21

#69 Sue* you dumbass, if you are going to insult americans be smart about it.

No then your accually lieing to cause trouble say something like "might wanna get ur kid tested for HIV" then they can never say u lied if they try to sue

friedpwnadge 25

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You went a little overboard with the puns there, #4.

There is no such thing as "overboard with the puns." You must be new.

I like it only because his avatar makes it look like Zoidburg is saying it.

Find a better job? It sounds like OP works in a game store. I would love to work in a game store! Think about it. All day you're talking about videogames, thinking about videogames, and making money for video games!

friedpwnadge 25

I only made two puns though. :c

What a brat of a kid and some parent! Damn!

Jeez, like it was your fault.. maybe the mom needs to raise a kid that's not such a little brat.

Kid used "bite" OP suffer suspension. Attack was very effective.

must...not...correct...battle text system...

Kid used bite. It was super effective! OP became suspended.

RpiesSPIES 27

Parasol Lady Dumba** wants to fight! Parasol Lady Dumba** sends out Stupid Kid! Foe Stupid Kid used Incorrect Information! It was not very effective... OP Used Facts! Foe Stupid Kid is unaffected by Facts... Foe Stupid Kid used Gouging Bite! Critical Hit! OP is trapped with an Injured Limb! OP used Leg Whirlwind! Foe Stupid Kid returned to its owner. For Parasol Lady Dumba** used File Complaint! It's Super Effective!!! Critical Hit! OP hung on using his Focus Band. OP was hurt by Injured Limb! OP fainted. OP paid out near-job-loss to the winner. OP is out of useable energy... OP whited out.

Being a kids' worker - you need to push INTO the bite... They can't breathe and automatically stop. Works every time and looks less violent to stupid parents than kicking them off.

football98_fml 20

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Ps3 isn't all that. Lacks good game.

Pwn17 25

Why are you bringing the PS3 into this? Pokemon is Nintendo, their consoles are what should be brought in here, regardless of whether it's better.

I have and love both consoles equally, but this isn't the time or place for a stupid argument over which console is better. This is about Nintendo, so please shut up about ps3.

10, your comment lacks way too much common sense... So I'm going to point out that Pokemon, is exclusive to Nintendo and no other console. Although like I said commenting to #1, I hope it does, but it won't :(

No, youre wrong Both consoles are great, but you can't deny the fact that PS3 has better exclusives

football, at least with ps3 you don't have to pay for your psn, unlike xbox where you pay for xbox live.

10 - Yup! PlayStation is better than XBox because PlayStation doesn't have Pokémon either. Wait, what? 88 - You don't have to pay for XBL either. You can play games without it, just not online. Besides, PSN is becoming mandatory for online gaming next generation anyway.

DKjazz 20

Now wait a minute. I thought we weren't going to talk about this here?

92, with psn you don't have to pay to play online, just for PS+.

Xbox live is $60 a YEAR. If you can't afford that stop playing video games right now.

101 - You *will* have to pay to play online with the PS4. That was my point.

Wait you guys pay for Xbox live. I have been getting it free for about a year and a half now.

astralvagan 20

I have to wonder not what is wrong with kids these days, but why the parents let their kids do whatever the hell they want? I'm willing to bet that that kid will turn into a bully also

I'm surprised the company backed that customer up considering that kid technically assaulted the worker. I understand that it was just a kid and OP probably could have used a slightly less violent alternative but its a reaction to an attack regardless of who it was that i'm sure some people would have reacted the same way. Child or not, they have to learn at some point that behavior is unacceptable and its a shame that mother is too stupid to do anything about her precious angel that can't do any wrong. Everyone says its the mother being overprotective. I disagree. That's a poor excuse to use for her when she probably knows better on what her kid did and didn't bother to proceed with consequences just so she didn't have to deal with the ugly side of retaliation from her spoiled brat kid.

You've hit the subject on point there, 36.

What run-on sentence? There were some very long sentences, but I didn't see any run-ons. And who is this bar man of which you speak? Sounds like a fellow I'd like to meet.

summerguy97 16

Don't say kids/parents these days are bad. There have always been terrible parents and children throughout history.

astralvagan 20

#93, while this is true, today's younger generation is incredibly spoiled.... Let's take today's generation and give them nothing but pay phones and rotary phones and see how long it takes them to get bored...

I would actually write a letter to the stores HR department. If there is video of the child biting the OP, then they have a valid case of self-defense. In a case like that, they should also reimburse you for lost pay. If HR turns a blind eye & the video evidence exists, maybe get OSHA involved since their not looking out for the welfare of their workers.

Actually, 93 is right. Kids have always been spoiled brats, the internet only makes it more obvious these days. Just because technology improved over the years, that doesn't mean only kids today are spoiled and poorly behaved. A kid today begging his parents nonstop for an Xbox 360 is really no different than a kid in the 90's begging his parents nonstop for a Sega Genesis.