By catlady1989 - United States
Today, my friend had to take my cat who has a tumor to be put down when I wasn't home since I couldn't bear to take him myself. I have two cats. He took the wrong one. FML
catlady1989 tells us more :
You people are so cruel. They were indentical except collar color. I said which one and he still messed up. My normal vet was closed because of Mothers day so the pound was the one to do it. I can't believe some of the things you people are saying... it is so hurtful... and both my cats did end up being put down...
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By  nuga  |  0

I didn't click YDI because that's really sad and you didn't mean to, but couldn't you have at least described the cat well enough so your friend would know to take the right one? Or better yet, be home to say goodbye to your poor cat?