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Today, I was stuck home with a cold when my boyfriend's best friend sent me a text saying, "You doing alright?" I replied, thinking he was talking about my health. He replied, "I'm surprised you're taking the breakup so well." What breakup? Mine. He was ten minutes too soon. FML
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Sorry OP. That sucks :/ but his friend seems pretty caring

His best friend seems to care more about you than he does


Sorry OP. That sucks :/ but his friend seems pretty caring

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Why do you think said "best friend" would be texting her in the first place? The dude needs a good smack. Traitorous swine.

@22 No, that's a very petty reason to go out with someone and it's also unfair to the ex-bf's best friend if he wants more than just in her pants.

It's "Original Poster", I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you call the poster of the FML OP

My thoughts exactly! Some best friend eh!

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I'm thinking the ex's best friend want some rebound lovin

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@28 maybe OP and the best friend are friends themselves.

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Sounds like his friend wants to date you now.

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Dude cared enough to try and hit it that's my guess

His best friend seems to care more about you than he does

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Yea I was gonna say.. Interesting the "ex" bf best friend text u to see if your ok. I think there's somethin more to that.

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Just because someone breaks up with you doesn't mean they don't care...

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I think it was just one of those scenarios where he talked it over with his friends before doing it, to make sure he wasn't being irrational or making a dumb decision. He probably decided to break up with her, but hadn't gotten around to it by the time the friend thought he had. Or he's a douche. But I like the think the best of people.

I thought this was the best friend of the dude who wrote the FML about sending "intimate pictures" to his girlfriend...

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I would definitely prefer to hear it from my boyfriend...

It would also be nice if it wasn't through text.

well the best friend communicated to her through text, we don't know wether the boyfriend did so too

I find that quite sweet that he was asking after you! Although the timing does suck a bit! No worries OP, your now ex-boyfriends friend seems to be a friend to keep. :)

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Apparently so #30, but surely that could also be "are men actually that devious??" hmm...

#32 Indeed, there are more of them then you'd like to think. Definitely sounds like he's trying to snatch op up, unless they had a close friendly relation prior to this now ex-boyfriend.

Is that a serious question?? Yes. Human beings are by far the most devious creatures on our planet. The terms "betrayal" and "cheating" are human inventions. Not to say other animals aren't capable of deception, but compared to humans? Humans suck.

#35 Someone's in a foul mood today... Perhaps #32 is a bit naive, but I still prefer someone who sees the good in people and might get disillusioned now and then, to someone who's too cynical to consider anything other than "humans suck". Anyway, never mind the "is the friend a real friend"-disussion, FYL for getting broken up with by text by someone else than your boyfiend!

Not all guys are douches and not all girls are gullible.. the best friend seems like a decent guy, bad timing, but kudos to him for caring.

not necessarily true, other animals are capable of deception, like elephants where one pretends to be injured while the others sneak past the guard who left the gate open, however humans do take the cake as far as lying and deception go

not everybody's ex- significant other's best friend is a hungry wolf/fiend... my ex boyfriend's best friend turned out to be there for me and out of that support grew our relationship. Now we've been together for over 3.5 years. Sometimes the best friend cares so much because they actually do "care" about the person and not just about getting in their pants.

That's really sweet! Congrats #67! :)

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Your ex-boyfriend's best friend is a time traveler and he just blew his cover. Tell him I will be repossessing his DeLorean and flux capacitor. Effective immediately.

Preemptive comforting... It's a new thing all the cool kids do it. Friend: "I'm so sorry about what happened!" OP: "What do you mean?" Friend: "Wait ten minutes and you'll know."

*10 minutes later cat gets hit by a truck* op "why didn't you tell me"* punches friend on face*

ex boyfriends best friends dont check up on the dumped chick unless they want to get with her

Bingo. I'm surprised by the number of posters calling him caring or sweet.

I think this is why many girls will fall for the wrong guy (including myself). You men are devious buggers, spewing on vulnerable women! ;)

I hadn't even thought of it like that... Men are devious buggers! Preying on vulnerable women like that! ;)

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Sometimes the best friend is a mutual friend.

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My ex and I were together for a long time, so our friends eventually became mutual friends. They checked on me when the relationship ended, but that doesn't mean that they all wanted to be with me. Sometimes people are just nice. Is it so hard to believe that good people actually exist?

Does this dude work for NASA? "T-minus 10 minutes 'till breakup! Synchronize all clocks now!"

That actually happened to my little sister 4 days ago!

I think this 'friend' really wanted to be the first to make a move on you, so he used his inside information to beat your other many admirers