By James - 18/02/2014 16:38 - Denmark

Today, there was a snowstorm in Denmark. I had a job interview, but because of the weather, the buses were delayed, and I had to wait more than an hour in the freezing cold. When I finally got there, I was told the person I was supposed to talk to hadn't been able to make it in today. FML
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Been there, done that. My fellow dane, I feel your pain.

you shouldve called because u knew there was a snowstorm so they mightve been closed


The smart thing would have been to call ahead. YDI

He will have been waiting there for ages, not knowing the buses would be that late. Everytime a large vehicle turns the corner his expectations will rise, then fall. Until the bus actually comes, then he'll realise he's not that excited about it actually.

Maybe you should have CALLED and RESCHEDULED due to the massive ****** blizzard outside... dur dur durrrr

so ******* what, im sure they will rearrange a future interview!

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Hey, at least he gets another shot and not be counted off as a latecomer...But since it's the snowstorm's fault, I guess that he wasted his time.

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It's not that bad, at least you look really dedicated, no?

Been there, done that. My fellow dane, I feel your pain.

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Major rhyming win. I am in awe of your skills, clever stranger.

#6 Indeed, that was awesome and hilarious at the same time.

you shouldve called because u knew there was a snowstorm so they mightve been closed

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ily1210... I wanna call you ;P

Not every country shuts down when there's a blizzard :) Up here in norway we certainly don't anyway. Because we're used to these kinds of conditions we have chains for the bus wheels and salters go around every few hours to resalt. etc. Most people still make it into work, it sucks that this person chose not to. FYL OP.

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He's too busy jerking off at his desk at home to keep the heat. I've written a little poem about this: ****~

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that's why you call in if you're late.. ydi

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at least you didn't NOT get the job because you were late!! this isn't really and FML, this is a fortunate turn of events :D

Thats funny.. I also live in Denmark and there was absolutely no snowstorm..? Odd..

So do you live under a rock?

sooo, one place without snowstorm and offcourse the whole country must be blizzard free? good thinking there! Besides, I live in Denmark too. Not relevant but nice to say.

Then maybe you live in another world, because it was snowing! All Day!!!! i'm also Danish! ;)

I'm just saying.. I also live in Jylland and not that far from the fml and there was only 2 cm snow.. But how stupid is it to wait for an hour for a bus.. You might consider walking or something... there are other stops

jeg har lyst til at kommentere det her, bare så jeg kan være med i dansker-klubben:) I want to coment this just because I wanna join the Danish-club:)

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*country, that is easily confused *come *job interview *Copenhagen

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I feel as though I am the only one on this thread that doesn't live in Denmark.... I may have to consider moving....

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I find it highly amusing that because i'm dutch, i can somewhat understand that!

Wow. I didn't know that nowadays simple inconveniences are treated as FMLs.

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Well its that he wasted all of his time for nothing.. I'll agree there are worse things but this site is about things that mesed up your day, which this did

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They should create a skeet-tracker for these type of situations.

I don't think you guys know how cold it is in Denmark... today it was about -8 degrees Celsius... and he waited for an hour...

@cakezorz: That's average for half the world during the winter. It's not cold at all. I hate people who think that they're cool because they make comments about how they survived "freezing" weather. @OP: YDI for being a pussy, or YDI for living in a country that uses Celsius :)

minus 8 C IS cold when you live off the coast in this part of europe, especially when you're waiting outside for an hour. Wind chill helps, I've felt a minus 8 that was far colder than the minus 35 that occured some weeks ago in the vinicity.

-8C is 20 or 30-degrees, which is not that cold, unless you have like a 20F wind chill, which is unlikely.

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WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! That's freezing! The coldest it gets where I live is like 10 degrees celcius!

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if he had been there u wouldn't have gotten the job anyway cuz you looked like shit from all the rain and sweat on you