By over prtective father - 24/06/2014 04:35 - United States - Washington

Today, it became apparent that my father knows more about my boyfriend than I do because he spends so much time interrogating him. FML
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ZY1431 24

well hey he's looking out for ya.

HairyPunisher 27

Sounds like your pops is Judge, Judy, and Executioner.


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Classic over protective father behavior, does he at least like your boyfriend?

Crikey! Look! A wild thread jacker in its natural habitat, executing a fantastic thread jack!

I feel like this dad might've gone a little too far though. I understand getting know your daughter's bf, but once you call it interrogating, it goes too far

RedPillSucks 31

or she could be overreacting.

Sometimes guys need to be interrogated. When they know a girl has a no nonsense father, they learn to treat her with the respect she deserves.

Well, you can't blame him for caring about who his daughter dates. No telling who you can trust these days.

Reminds me of the movie Meet the Parents.

Personally I would want a guy to treat me right because he respects me, not because he's scared of my dad. I understand that dad's want to protect their daughters but they have to let them grow up and make their own decisions too. If my father was one of the properly overprotective types and couldn't treat my boyfriend in a civil, non-judgemental way then he just wouldn't get to meet them, period.

I guess I don't want my dad doing that for me. By the time you're old enough to date, you need to be responsible for yourself and not have you dad fight your battles. I'd rather have my boyfriend respect me because he cares and not because he's afraid of my dad

He seems to have good intentions but interrogating someone constantly is more like harassing them. If your child has a partner, it definitely is nice to get to know them, but interrogating them is a bit rude and disrespectful.

#60 me too. That's true love, even it's a little weird.

ZY1431 24

well hey he's looking out for ya.

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#30, it seems you've just about accurately predicted the future of your comment. Since you're on a roll, what are my lucky numbers?

lexiieeex3 32

Exactly. OP is lucky her father actually cares.

He tried to trick us by copying the buried message. Little did he know, It's actually italicized

HairyPunisher 27

Sounds like your pops is Judge, Judy, and Executioner.

But what if he prefers the name "Margaret"?

Well, we can ask him. Then, regardless of his answer, we can follow up with, "how do you like it when someone else is asking all of the questions?"

Judge, jury, and executioner

58 At first I thought it was a Hot Fuzz seeing that d and r are close on the keyboard...not sure?

HairyPunisher 27

58 & 65: it was a pun I did on purpose. It's actually something Homer once said on The Simpsons

Judy ?

A07 48

I get why he did it, but I still feel sorry for your boyfriend.

He is looking out for ya... Loool.

DedicatedNova 13

He's a dedicated father.

Does he bring out a shotgun while he's at it?

He cleans his pistol at the table when they talk, somehow managing to resemble the gun perfectly without ever once breaking eye contact.

Yeah I would start to get worried if he invites the boyfriend out on a hunting trip

How does one go about resembling a pistol?

That question, my friend, is what makes the dad extra scary.

You put it back together? What's the question here?

resembling a pistol would mean her father looks like one, which could be even scarier, reassembling a pistol on the other hand, would be putting one back together

It's a father that cares about his daughter, you should be glad you have such a caring father, some people don't have fathers. Be thankful!

There's a difference between being loving and making your child's life or someone else's miserable.

Yeah it could be miserable... But it could lead up to a "I told you so" moment for either one of them.

Is your boyfriend's name Gaylord Fucker?

Did your bf have to submit to a full background check? I feel if you and this guy rouns the bases dad may find out more than he hoped.

Background check, fingerprinting, blood work, credit report... You know, the usual.