By alphabetman - 14/09/2009 09:56 - United States

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend. Thinking I was being cute I spelled out "Marry Me" in alphabet soup, because that's her favorite. She took one look at it and started to laugh. She then began to spell out "no". She still ate the soup. FML
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How can you begin to spell no? By the time you've done the N you're already halfway!


How can you begin to spell no? By the time you've done the N you're already halfway!

Yup, sucks the dude has a fat ass girlfriend who's more interested in eating soup than marrying him.....

ugh why do people on fml feel the need to "be cute".

Sun_Kissed18 25

I'd like that. I want a creative proposal, either creative or romantic, or both :) but I know that isn't likely haha but seriously it was cute and we shouldn't go "ugh" we should go "awww"

wasn't really talking about this one, just posts in general

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my hubby's proposal was both adorable and creative :D

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I think that's incredibly cute. Maybe she thought it was a joke? Or maybe she just wasn't ready for that.

Made me laugh, which the FML wasnt able too.

Eight-year-olds will do that. YDI for dating a child. I hope you are no older than 10.

Airforcen00b 0

Feel like a big man? insulting a 10 year old and all :P

Nope. Just hoping it wasn't a 27-year-old. . . or whatever age you are. Alphabet soup?

Hey, what's wrong with alphabet soup, Plexi? I would love to eat alphabet soup again. =D

Well, pixie, if you like it, then I like it and retract all previous comments that were demeaning to said soup. Let's you and me go get some! ;)

plexi, there are probably many MANY legal consequences to being in a relationship with an eight year old child. However, this one IS from Texas....

Even here in Texas there are standards. There are pockets of illiteracy here where alphabet soup is banned because the people think the soup is making fun of them because they can't read it for themselves.

There are standards in Texas? Can you send some of those Tennessee's way?

What, did you expect her to throw the soup away because of that?

I think he expected her to enshrine it. Or at least give it back.

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What I'd like to know is where she found the letters to spell out NO. M-A-R-R-Y M-E Yup, no 'N' or 'O'.

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But would you honestly leave all the letters in? I wouldn't.... you don't leave open that option.

I agree. that's the first thing I thought. if you left every letter in the bowl, it'd be jumbled in seconds unless he was spelling it out as she watched. which is awkward.