By Alisterine / Sunday 24 August 2014 17:31 / United States - Chesterfield
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  dragonkisses28  |  25

Idk #22, there are these people...what are they called? They use these tools with long handles to clean the floor... Sometimes they leave those things in a storage closet of some kind. Anyway, sorry OP. That's pretty nasty. Our toilets flush automatically, but every now and then you have to get in there and do a manual flush.

  Rallred32  |  20

STOP WITH THE SHIT PUNS. Sorry for the all caps, but seriously, everyone who even thought of saying something about shit, don't ever, ever, ever ever ever ever type "shit puns".

  sammiesorrow29  |  13

people's cleanliness has become terrible, and there's a prime example. public bathrooms need to be kept on top of by staff. after all they are working there and if there's a nasty bathroom, many people could leave without getting food.