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By  PeteyPablo12308  |  20

Actually 13 why don't YOU grow up. This is FML! Not everything is going to be rainbows and candy-canes! If it was, the FMyLife part wouldn't exist.... Calm the fuck down or go somewhere else.

By  QueenOfMelodrama  |  0

Hopefully as he was walking in, you warned him and let him know you were going to get a plunger or find a janitor or something. Even if you weren't. Of course if you said that, you'd have to. But...yeah.

  nabee26  |  15

Yeah because that's sooo embarrassing.... And gross.. So your boss would associate you with "gross" and you definitely don't want that!!! Damnnnn FYL

By  AndrewPsycho  |  0

Hahahah My brother once took a shit on a cruise and it was clogged the rest of the time. He lied to the guy waitin' in line ;] Hahah its not that bad- try not lyin'- but "stretchin' the truth" Hahah props on big shits

By  Hopersz  |  0

Plz tell me why you feel you had to share this with us? Do you really have that much of a LOW LIFE that you have to tell everyone you took a dump at work??? PATHETIC. GROW UP