By Anonymous / Tuesday 5 July 2011 04:30 / United States
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  yummycupkake  |  0

this FML reminds me of a movie where a girls aunt was setting off illegal fireworks with her family. the little girl ran straight toward them yelling "BRIGHT LIGHTS!!!" :D

  Blazingcrono  |  6

Are we getting into fantasy now? Little blue people should be shunned from society? Who are you talking to anyways?

No specific subject of your sentence and horrible grammar makes you a lower life-form than most others living on this planet.

  WingsFan80  |  4

um... it's pretty easy to see by 'roman candle came crashing through my second story window' that op was in the room at the time. if it said something like I watched as a roman candle crashed through my second story window you could assume op lit it.

  Hi_Itz_Me  |  0

Why would the neighbor also learn the lesson if the OP shot it into his or her own window? And also, OP said that it "came" into his or her window. If OP was outside watching it, he or she would have said it "went" into his or her window.

  robbiboyo  |  0

who'd you piss off? Cause that, sir, was not an accident. People tend to aim their roman candles at targets and seeing as you're on the second floor....you can understand from there.

  fymother  |  13

it's like a seatbelt law. or helmet law. protecting your citizens from themselves without infringing on human rights is the duty of government. the ban could also be in effect only during specific conditions (such as dry weather, which would be a no-brainer).

  DocBastard  |  38

No, it's nothing like those laws at all. If you don't wear a helmet or your seatbelt, the only person you risk injuring is you. If you fire off illegal fireworks, you risk injuring yourself and other people, setting things on fire, etc.

Steven, they are illegal because they are dangerous. And they are dangerous because people are too stupid to use them safely.

  ImAHomosexual  |  0

^ so it's a law to protect citizens from themselves? I ask. Why can we not simply expel those who are so stupid that they endanger those around them instead of making an object illegal. Or have a training course so that they can make fireworks illegal. Really if you aren't some drunken idiot fireworks are not dangerous.

  DocBastard  |  38

No, as I said before it's a law to protect other people and their shit from idiots, as well as themselves.

I have to say I like the idea of expelling idiots, but it isn't practical. That would only leave about 40 people here, and then who would refill the soda machines?