By leapple - 14/03/2010 01:17 - United States

Today, I spent 2 hours doing my hair, doing my make-up, and picking out an outfit to meet some men. On chatroulette. FML
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Today, I spent ten minutes getting my dick ready and findig the perfect pose so I could show the world what I got on chatroullete. WIN

Whyyyyyy would you want to meet men on chatroulette, of all places?


that's embarassing.

jasoniskiing 0

get out there in the real world sweetie. you'll like it out here

YourEvilHero 12

what about making sandwhiches?

davixen2009 0

danm ur hot! meet me at chatroulette! lol

Pball11 0

What even is chatroulette and if it involves computers...nice.

Were you going for 24 black?

anniex 0

agreed ha

Blondie08_fml 0

u hav no damn life

ur kinda hot #5 lol

#1 is right but at least you have enough of a sense of humour to know that and post it so others can have a laugh. Now log off and go find a man irl.

tweetbaby14 18

what's up with the pale basement people complaining about how they can't leave their basement because there is no precious (computer) in the outside world. maybe us should go outside? no we must stay the computer it calls us!

Do you have a link to the TFLN entry?

LaxStx001 0 can be my king ;-)

if you went on there, you must have wanted to meet guys "working their gerkin". lots of willies on there.

jasoniskiing 0

ummmm haha

marleytooyou 0

wow that sucks by the way GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!!!

now now, don't diss chatroulette. my friend met her soulmate on that thing; they've been going out for two months now, are madly in love and are planning on moving in together and whatnot. it's the cutest thing:)

jasoniskiing 0

marley, have you learned nothing from last night? stop being such a bitch

expen_dable 0

I don't know what is sadder: that #110 gets all pissy when someone insults chatroulette or that he thinks he "taught someone a lesson" on the comment section of FML. what a badass, sitting on FML on a Saturday night teaching people lessons!

mnemonicdaze 0

jasoniskiing not only are your right but you are incredibly hot. I think you have started a few mini crushes.

jasoniskiing 0

Jason baby I love you! and if that dumbass knew any better he would know that you were teaching hoes lessons on a Sunday morning haha. and yes I think you have started a few crushes

beccaishereyay 11

umm Jason are you talking to yourself haha

jasoniskiing 0

nah my buddy logged on and wrote that. not that I disagree though ;)

beccaishereyay 11

lol okay love you! :)

expen_dable 0

holy shit Jason was pretending to be a girl but accidentally posted under his own name. I guess "becca" is his other account. good job douchebag!

liampetreli 0

I definetley think that one of the people Jason was with earlier just took his phone and wrote that. as he was trying to explain. it happens to me all the time. some girl will always take my phone and write stupid shit in it. and I agree that beccas pretty hot :)

lol Jason douched himself.

expen_dable 0

...and I'm sure #120 is another one of your accounts. sorry but you screwed up, so try to remember which fake account you are logged into before you comment again. So is Becca pretending to be Jason, or Jason pretending to be Becca?

beccaishereyay 11

I don't understand lol how am I involved in this

Of course, Becca and Jason are the same person. Don't register multiple accounts to sockpuppet like this. It makes you look MENTAL, as Alan would say.

MF12 0

... that's really sad.

HeresReality 0

do you think they care if you dressed up

Hahahaha! Sockpuppet! #Jason You gotta be either really pathetic or just sad.. Notice they's both similar? Just like the person behind both of the accounts..

marcychick 0

Did anyone notice that in his profile it says he has a thing for her, and she posted she loves him? Maybe his girlfriend.... Lol!!

Whyyyyyy would you want to meet men on chatroulette, of all places?

JonathanG_fml 0

it's your fault for dressing up for something that doesn't involve ACTUALLY meeting someone.

what was the purpose of that seriously..

Blue_Coconuts 7

I love that site! I use it to fuck with people, and it's funny as shit..

Well, I just stole your telelivison. And your wallet. And your soul. You have been officially "fucked with". YAY!!

hijueputa 0

Hey Blue_Nuts, aren't you the guy who got banned from that site because you were exposing your tiny package to people?

WTF is chatroullette?

Here's the homepage :

michie56 0

it's a random stranger conversation with webcams. it's fun :D

adriiana1019 0

I don't get it but fyl

Today, I spent ten minutes getting my dick ready and findig the perfect pose so I could show the world what I got on chatroullete. WIN

Hahaha... I chortled.

I laughed at 9, and LMAO at 11 when I saw the word 'chortle'. Win!

snickers has a typo bwahahahah

PsychoMerk 0

really? you fucking take that long? >_> n that's pathetic -_- try a bar 

oh i havent commented on this one yet... YDI OP end