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Today, I actually heard my 14 year old son muse to himself, "If I can drive drunk in Grand Theft Auto, how hard could it be in real life?" FML
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just about every teenager I know has been playing M games since they were like 10... I guarantee you 85% of all Call of Duty players are below 18..-_-


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why? disown him for something so normal??? I play modern warfare 2 and put it into practice everyday of my life. ya know, I just quickscope random haters on the streets then whip out my noob tube and shoot a random car. real life video games FTW!

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in his defense, that's a good counter argument toward drinking and driving....

well ydi for buying a 14 year old a 17+ game. and I kno everybody does it, hell, all of my games are rated M. But why the hell are you complaining on here? YDI dude, YDI

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I would take that game away so fast his head would spin. and anyone looking to hook up who lives in New York city check out my profile;)

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hey boys check out my profile if you want to "hook up;)"

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Maybe the kid was just joking.?

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I know this FML is old and I'm thread jacking but drunk driving is serious. I'm tired of irresponsible people's decision to drink and think it's ok to risk not only themselves but other people who could have families and loved ones life on the line. I know this from experience, and thank god I'm alive. You better teach your son about how serious it is.

I find drunk driving the funnest kind of driving. I love bein ****** up behind the wheel. Ahhh good times

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I find it idiotic and senseless. Your "good times" are ones that put not only yours, but other peoples lives at risk.

hey 81, I didn't know 12 year olds could drive

Judging by the negative votes on 23, the sense of humor was the first casualty...

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@95: I never said they could.

have you ever driven or driven drunk? yeah that's what I thought. don't pass judgement until you do.

ah dude you just have to close one eye and its all good.

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lol yeah, just takes practice.

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@113: lol, nowhere in my previous comments did I judge. I simply stated my opinion on drunk driving.

kids play video game way to much, it's alright if they play an hour or two a day but once they start missing school, then that's a problem..

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Exactly. And how else are you going to get home from the pub?

158. well how would you have an opinion if you've never tried it

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Why the **** would you ever "try" driving drunk?

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@191: How could I have an opinion on it? maybe the fact that I lost my brother to drunk driving.

well your already a bad parent for letting a 14 year old play grand theft auto and this is why

you can't shelter kids from games or movies without incessantly monitoring their Internet access or refusing to let them visit friends. I was one of the last kids at my school to be allowed to watch rated R movies... so i just watched them at my friend's houses. I actually wanted to watch the movies even more since I wasn't allowed to. censorship is counterproductive.

sometimes people tend to underestimate age, if at that age he does not know the difference between game and reality, would a couple a years really teach him.

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^ I disagree you don't neccesarily need to say that your kids cannot have them just don't buy them for your kids. and if they ask for it just tell them that you don't want them to play such violent video games because they hav bad effects on kids.. if your kids still go behind your back and lie to you just to play a game then you are raising your kids wrong in my oppinion.

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You may not be able to keep him from playing GTA. But you had 14 years to raise him with a thought process that arrives at a conclusion other than, "dur, video game = life" So yeah. Parent's fault.

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Are you ******* kidding me? Grand theft auto is a damn video game. I played when I was in 4th grade, and you don't see me going out killing people, getting hookers, and shooting up drugs. I'd be more worried about watching ****. That's more dangerous then the fricken video game.

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Oh, and 46. You obviously are an idiot. You can raise kids the best you can but they're still going to sneak and do shit you tell them not to do, that doesn't have anything to do with how they raised them.

how many people do you know that are under 17 and play M rated games? people just don't give a crap about it anymore. I'm 15 and I play whatever the **** I want. ( except GTA. I hate that game )

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I was simply stating my view on the matter. I feel as though of your kids feel as though they cannot come to you about anything your way of parenting might be slightly flawed. excuse me, you might know better than I do, I don't have children, I was just raised in that a very open environment and kids at my school often say that they wouldn't sneak around if their parents were more understanding. I'm sorry if my comment offended you or anyone else. but nonetheless my view stands...

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im sure your parents let you play it too

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108- my parents would probably let me play it. I am 15 but I have the sense to tell the difference between reality and what is in the video game unlike OP's kid. I have nothing against violent video games but the results that occur from a child playing the game should be the parents fault. it's the parent's job to know what their kids are doing and decide if it's okay for their kids to be doing that. my stance is that the game is rated M for mature, so if your kids aren't mature don't let them play it.

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omg 74 if you tell a kid a game is too violent and you aren't going to buy it for them, but their friends have it, they are still going to want to play it. If you have never gone behind your parents back and done something then you are a very unique person imo. You never cussed, got drunk, watched a movie, played a video game, snuck out, stayed out past curfew, stayed on the phone too long, did something before you completed your homework, cheated on a test, passed notes during class, or anything that your parents wouldn't want you to until you were 18 (or 21 for the drinking) years old? Just because you talk to your kids and raise them properly doesn't mean they won't defy you one way or another. A parent can't control who the kids talk to at school etc. You are a really smart person, your view point is so spot on. All the rest of us are just swimming in a sea of wrong while you are sitting in a tiny fish bowl with all the other people with your opinion. If your opinion is correct the majority of parents are "flawed" and apparently yours are perfect...

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I have to say no to your question. I have never felt a need to do anything my parent told me not to. I care about what my mom thinks of me more than anything. I don't mean to be in a fishbowl among a sea of wrong but I am definately not saying that parents that can't do that are bad parents(it is far beyond me to say if someone's parenting is good or bad) I am just saying that their parenting is flawed. my parents aren't perfect by any means but they taught me right from wrong for a reason and gave me the freedom to decide whether to do the right thing or the wrong thing.

if the kids not mature don't let him play it. if he is then let him play it in moderation. every kid will defy their parents so how. *EVERYONE* sins. so just because he said this doesn't always mean the OP is a bad parent. I'm 16 and alot of kids play it, I don't cause I know it's not good or me and sex and drugs arnt very important to me

well 142 your either lieing or you had a very dull childhood, second yes the majority of kids will do what they want which for the record doesn't necessarily make it ok, and their is a distinct difference between your buying the game for them which in their mind condones them playing it and by proxy everything the game contains, as opposed to refusing to let them play it which associates it with a negative connotation, in addition I love violent video games I think they are a great outlet and I played them before I was 17 however I didn't play them until my parents decided I was mature enough to separate the practices in the game to those of life which this kid obviously can't

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Dude. I was 15 once. My parents didn't care what video games I played, there wasn't a whole lot that I had to pick from, but I played what I wanted. When my parents told me not to do something, it made me want to do it more. When my parents didn't care, then I wouldn't normally do it as much as I wanted to do what they told me not too. You tell your kid that it's not ok to play video games, they're gonna do it anyways, end of story. My kids are 12, I would know.

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yous are idiots videogames can be suitable for everyone judging on their capabilty of judging real life and fantasy .. if the child cannot see the line they shouldn't be allowed.. and introduce this asshole to FIFA maybe then he mite become a soccer player instead of a criminal ..

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mother of the year right here! send that kid to rehab for a reality check

doesnt need rehab...unless he needs to un hook on video games....and it dsnt say anything about him bein on drugs or abusing alcohol

doesnt need rehab...unless he needs to un hook on video games....and it dsnt say anything about him bein on drugs or abusing alcohol

Please don't tell me you're one of those parents that blames video games and conveniently forgets that if a kid under 17 wants an M-rated game an adult (probably the parent) has to buy it for them.

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wow your a bad mom for letting your fourteen year old play grand theft auto shame on you op

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gtfo here with that bullshit, I played the first GTA when I was 11 or 12. there's nothing wrong with letting kids play violent video games

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obviously your not as retarded or impressionable as op's son so you gtfo of here and STFU

hubla.. stop embarassing yourself...-_-

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60 - I kind of agree, it's up to the parent to decide whether the kid is mature enough to play OP's kid obviously isn't if he can't seperate video game from reality. I don't wanna say kids should or should because it really all depends on the kid but the game is rated M for mature for a reason.

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I'm sorry but I enjoy it to much so no

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111- Please stay the **** off the roads before you kill someone. You drive drunk all the time? I hate you.

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I'm not saying that all fourteen year olds shouldn't be aloud to play mature games I'm just saying the ones who aren't mature enough to distinguish the effects of alcohol and drugs in a game to how they would actually affect them in real life

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Did someone say Grammar Nazi? No? I could have sworn I heard someone call me.